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ometimes we feel too unproductive and we think our time is wasted or maybe we're too bored and we're looking for something to do. Do the time you spent on binge-watching Korean dramas made you regret misspent hours and internet? Or maybe you feel unproductive when you'rein the line at the terminal or hates traffic because it consumes lots of your time? Have you ever think of using these wasted times to earn a little? I did.

So here's what I discovered and I want to share them to all of you. Paid surveys on the internet are not a scam at all! Well maybe some, but that's why I'm here to list down four of paid surveys that really pays!

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Toluna is my most favorite paid online survey site. Aside from the website being responsive and interactive, they are the fastest way to collect points and redeem it. Minimum points to redeem is 20,400 points for Paypal that is equivalent to 250PHP. It may seem impossible to collect such points but no worries, a typical survey gives out 2,000 to 4,000 points. Plus you can invite friends using your unique link and you get 500 points every friend that will sign up and confirm their registration through email.

I have redeemed two times from it, total of 500PHP in which the other order is still being processed (I only joined Toluna exactly a month ago).

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GlobalTestMarket definitely focuses on its surveys. It has a very simple user interface, can be confusing at first but the content of the website is direct. They are mainly focused on asking our opinion about the products we use every day or ask about what we think about a brand's brochure before they publish it. A typical survey gives out 5-60 LifePoints. Minimum points to redeem is 550 LifePoints for Lazada and 540 for UNICEF Donation. LifePoints options for redemption are eGift Cards for Zalora, Lazada, and Amazon, also for Paypal and UNICEF Donation.

One of the cons in GlobalTestMarket is you may be screened out, meaning you are not qualified to take the survey. It will credit you 5 LifePoints for your interest.

I have collected 775 LifePoints since joining and redeemed once through Paypal and that's 500PHP.

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YouGov conducts polls and surveys about public affairs, brands, products, and others. It has the most basic, like good basic, interface. It will not confuse you compared to the simplicity of GlobalTestMarket. The survey usually takes not more than 15 minutes of your time with 50 up to 400 points each. The minimum threshold for redemption is 5,000 YouGov points. 

Options to redeem the points you collected from YouGov are Mobile Credit Top Up (for Globe, Smart, Smartbro, and Sun), Air Asia Big Points, UNICEF Donations and Paypal.

Although I haven't redeemed anything from YouGov yet, I am still willing to pursue and collect up to the minimum threshold as they give out a larger amount than other survey paying sites in exchange of 5,000 points. YouGov doesn't send me emails or notifications about new surveys to take any more, the last one I answered was on September 30 which was 20 days ago.

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The Panel Station

The Panel Station is a survey site in Tagalog/Filipino language. Although you can change the language to English on the homepage, it is Tagalog when you're logged in. The website is not very responding, though when you are taking the survey it looks completely basic and does not encounter any technical problems at all. It may have misspelled, untranslated and wrong words used. The site loads slow as well so you need patience with this one. But on the brighter side, it is the survey site that will only take a few minutes to finish a survey. Talk about quick surveys! Plus it typically gives out 300 to 5000 points even when you answer surveys that will only complete your own profile. It requires a minimum of 1200 points to redeem. Redemption options are Paypal, Amazon, Lazada, Paytm, etc.

I just joined The Panel Station last week and I haven't redeemed anything yet. But I see good reviews on the internet.

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That's it! Remember to use the same email address as your Paypal prior to signing up to avoid problems. If you happened to sign up using a different email address, you can add the email address you used to your Paypal settings. Good luck and I hope this helped you get an idea to make your wasted time worthy!

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