Best Review - Top 4 Ways in which to look for care for your elderly relative


ll families are different and the care solution that worked for Great Aunt Gretel might not be the ideal solution when it comes to finding care for your father.

Once you notice that your loved one is finding life a little bit too much it is vitally important that you discuss the options with them to come to a solution that is acceptable to all the family. Yet according to Live-in Care Hub a whopping 40% of people wouldn’t discuss moving into a care home with the person affected, even though 97% of people wouldn’t want to be in a care home at all!

There are broadly four different ways in which you can meet the care needs of an older person:
• Ad-hoc care in their own home
• Sheltered housing or retirement flats
• Residential care (care home or nursing home)
• Live-in care

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Ad-hoc care in their own home

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If your elderly relative is still able to lead a fairly independent life it may be possible for them to continue living in their own home with occasional visits from cleaners, gardeners, dog walkers and local family to assist with shopping or getting out and about. Daily visits from a carer can also be arranged to support them with dressing and undressing, toileting or bathing as required.

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Sheltered housing or retirement flats

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An elderly person who requires regular visits to check that they are not struggling, but who is still fiercely independent may prefer to move into a sheltered accommodation complex. There a warden will be able to supervise and assist as needed, but they will still have their own space where they can cook or keep pets. Often there are social events and meals may be provided in a communal restaurant when cooking seems like too much effort.

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Residential care (care home or nursing home)

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When thinking about complex care needs most people will assume that a move into a care home will be required. A care home provides help with daily tasks such as washing and toiletting, will ensure that appointments with healthcare professionals are attended and will provide cooking, cleaning and laundry services. A nursing home is also able to provide nursing services such as regular injections of medication.

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Live-in care

Most people don’t want to be forced to move out of their own home when they start struggling with daily life. Those with dementia may find such moves extremely upsetting, causing a significant worsening of their condition too.

Live-in care can provide the same care as a residential facility – and in some cases can provide it to a far higher standard as a live-in carer can adjust daily routines to fit in with the natural routines of the client far more easily than a multi-occupant centre can. Live-in care can support independent living and can also accommodate partners and pets to a greater extent than residential care, yet is comparably priced.

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