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e all expect that moving home will be expensive but somehow the costs just keep mounting up and we need to start really tightening our belts. Whether it's removals costs, overnight accommodation, storage, new white goods or furniture for the new house, the list is endless. Then when you are in your new home you will have new bills and expenses, but never fear here are some great ways to cut those costs:

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Declutter before moving house

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Clear out your clutter before you move house otherwise you will be packing and moving more than you need to and that will, obviously, take more time and cost you more, whether you are moving yourself or employing a removals company. Even if there is nothing that you need to get rid of it still might pay to look at whether some items could be stored temporarily in a self storage unit until you need it. With so many good self storage deals around this can often be more cost effective than paying to have it all moved at the same time.

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Move house mid-week

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Most people don't want to move mid-week as they want to have the week-end to settle in but if possible, try to move in the middle of the week. Check which are the least busy days for local removers – that's when they will be cheapest and you could save a significant sum just by moving on a different day.

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Search for deals

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Utility bills, insurance, TV and internet costs can all cost more if you don't shop around. Don't just stick with the supplier you used to have or the previous owner of the home used to have. Look for new customer deals or online vouchers and cut your regular monthly bills from day one.

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Save money on furniture

If you are buying your first home or moving to a larger home you will need some furniture but this is a huge expense on top of all the moving costs so start by asking friends and family if they have any furniture going spare. You can also find good furniture from some charity shops, car boot sales, second-hand shops and house clearance auctions. There are also local websites offering unwanted furniture – sometimes for free. And remember upcycling is the new interior design trend so get creative.

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