Best Review - Top 4 ways live in care can benefit your loved one


f you have been caring for an elderly relative you will sooner or later realise that you need to seek professional assistance. Perhaps you have been caring for them full-time and need a break to be able to recharge your batteries, or perhaps their needs have changed and you are now struggling to meet them without the benefit of specialist training.

According to Live-in Care Hub 97% of people would rather remain in their own home, and it’s clear that acting in accordance with their wishes is one of the biggest benefits of live in care. We’ve chosen to focus on the top four other benefits.

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Hugely reduced risk of falling

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Falls are the number one reason for emergency admissions to hospital beating even obvious emergencies such as strokes and cardiac issues. Falls which a younger person would quickly scramble up from can result in broken bones, long hospital stays (with the resultant risk of infection and complications), and potentially life-long mobility issues.

People living in residential care are a third more likely to fall, than those living at home with a live in carer. Partly this is because fall risk increases in unfamiliar surroundings, and partly because of closer supervision.

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Most residential care either has a blanket ban on pets or restrictions on number and type of pets they will accept. This results in some sad statistics – 2 million people know an elderly person who had to have a pet put to sleep or rehomed so they could go into care. With live-in care the pet is part of the family. Carers can be found who expect to care for the pet as well as the pet’s owner, including exercising, feeding and transporting to vets, allowing your relative to keep their companion.

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No timetables

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Even the best residential facilities have to strike a balance between providing tailored care and running their business. They may be able to provide flexible catering, but there will still be times when the kitchen is closed or not serving the food a resident fancies.

Live-in care is not only tailored to the person receiving it. They can have a shower when they feel they need one, have a cup of tea when they feel thirsty or decide on the spur of the moment that it would be nice to go to the park on the way home from the doctors.

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Friends and family

Old people have often lived in an area for a long time, and still want to see their friends and family, but be unable to travel to them to visit. Live in care has no proscribed hours when visiting isn’t permitted, no lengthy car journey into the countryside, no issues with far-flung relatives who need to stay the night. Having friends and family visit at home is as easy as the carer opening the door and putting the kettle, on resulting in more socialisation and less isolation.

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