Best Review - Top 4 Ways to entertain a bedridden patient


ccording to live-in care hub an elderly relative or loved on is confined to bed for long periods of time, whether this is because of mobility issues or illness, it is important to make sure that they do not experience a downward swing in their mood. Sitting doing nothing, or even doing the same things day in day out can be depressing and a lack of social contact and mental stimulation can have a very negative affect on a person.
Here are just four ways in which you can entertain a bedridden patient and help them keep more positive.

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Easy Reach

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It sounds simple but all to often this very easy solution to entertaining a bedridden patient is neglected. The very definition of bedridden is that the person isn’t able to get out of bed to get the things they want. Make sure that there is a good supply of activities within easy reach of the patient to keep them stimulated. This might be a puzzle book and a couple of pens, a book or if they have issues with their eyesight an audio book, even some knitting or crocheting. Being able to see but not get to the activity that could keep you busy can be really frustrating for anyone who is bedridden.

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Visitors or A live in carer

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There is no better way to stimulate the brain and keep it active than through conversation. A simple visit can mean the world to a loved one, especially when they are no longer able to get out and about and visit people themselves. However too many people visiting at the same time can be overwhelming, and if the room is on the smaller side a little cramped. Organise a bunch of family members or friends who can visit at regular intervals, but in small groups, this will not only give your loved one plenty of company but will also give them something to look forward to.

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In room entertainment

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For any bedridden patient in-room entertainment can be a life line. Whether this is a radio or access to a television or even a computer, this allows them to have some form of interactive entertainment that can really help them to take their mind of things and immerse themselves in another world. Online streaming services might also be a fantastic option allowing your elderly person access to plenty of their favourite shows and films.

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Whilst it seems a little odd to see the words bedridden and exercise in the same sentence, it is important for those people who are bedridden to try and keep as active as they can. These exercises can be really simple, they just need to be the type of things that will keep the body moving a little. Leg raises can easily be done by someone who is bed ridden, as can exercises that involve moving the arms in a circular motion. If the person is able to move with the assistance of their live-in care provider, then short walks to the bathroom or another room in the home can also be helpful

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