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alentine's Day is quickly approaching and if you're a guy you should be thinking about it now and these 4 Valentine's Day articles will help you. It is important for guys to realize that Valentine's Day is a very special day in women's hearts. If you are in a relationship, you should keep this in mind because even though it might not be important to you, your girl is likely already day dreaming about how you are going to make this day special for her.

Let's put it this way guys - forget about Valentine's Day and you'll just be another "typical" guy to her. But make Valentine's Day special and you'll be her hero!

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Start with the decorations

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Environment counts guys so get started by decorating for Valetine's Day. Valentine's Day decorations might seem cheesy to you, but trust me when I tell you that your lady will love it. Put up some romantic posters, some foil heart balloons, and some red streamers and she'll think you are the most romantic man on the face of the earth. Read this article for great, inspirational ideas for Valentine's Day decorations.

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Buy jewelry for Valentine's Day

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If you really want to wow your girlfriend or wife for Valentine's Day, get her some amazing jewelry. Lots of guys skip this because it can be hard to buy Valentine's Day jewelry for women. What do you get? What if she doesn't like it? What is the right kind of jewelry to get for the kind of relationship you are in? Those are tough questions! Read this article to get ideas for Valentine's Day jewelry.

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Get Sexy on Valentine's Day

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If you're in a relationship that is not serious but is definitely sexy you might want to consider Valetine's Day underwear as a gift for your lady. Even in a serious relationship this can be a good choice. Every woman loves to feel sexy and there are some great choices out there. Not sure what she likes? Then take a peek in her lingerie drawer or think about the last thing that she bought for herself. Now take it up a notch! Check out this article for some great ideas for both sexy and fun underwear for Valentine's Day.

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Fun for Friends and a Bit More

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Finally, if you want to keep your relationship casual or if you're buying something that is just for a friend, it is best to keep things sweet. Pokemon's are fun and cute and can make a great gift. There are some great options for Pokemon Valentine's Day gifts here on this page.

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