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usic has always been with us in one form or another since the beginning of time. Essentially music is just sound, organised maybe but only sound. Whose to say that the natural sounds around you in your everyday life are not the music of the day. Perhaps you don’t accept that as music. Perhaps your concept of music is an organised sound which can easily be played with a machine or instruments as they are commonly called. Music could actually be the sounds made by a machine in a factory. The real problem is music is only music to the listener? Music it is as subjective as art and perhaps that is because it is art. The master bakers music is made with guitars, synthesisers, computers and other instruments. It is made by real musicians who play and operate this equipment. The-Masterbakers, independent music makers, movers and shakers, the dreamers of dreams, true creators, on whom the pale moon gleams.

Who are the-MasterBakers?

The -MasterBakers are an unknown number of people, without a fixed number as some people participate, play, record, create and others move on to pastures new. They come and go as they please but essentially there is always two people in the creative process. The singer and the musician, who can often times be both as well. The-MasterBakers are creative people who feed off each other through their creative urges, inputs, outputs, desires, making collaborative contributions, some intentional, others coincidental, some independent and others mealy happy accidents. We create public music, public art for public consumption. Cultural expressions of our existence, reflections of the world in which we live. We write, record and publish our own work through the internet and have a small but growing following of people who like what we do.

The-MasterBakers music logo.
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The-MasterBakers Music

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Graduation time as with all time moves, The-Masterbakers are no exception, a journey man band of sorts, interacting with the space, gathered together from many different and professional cultural interactions in real space or as near as can be achieved. The-MasterBakers are graduating onto the international world stage with help from the World Wide Web.

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Heavy Kettle

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The Mustang Shelby GT500 is better than sex, I love machines.

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The-MasterBakers, Music, Reverbnation, Drawing Cars, Mustang 1968 Shelby GT350

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Drawing of a Shelby GT350, 1968 model, Dresden Guitar.

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The-MasterBakers Music, Modern Romance.

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The first official music video from The-MasterBakers, based online, cyberpunks, we are not imitators, we are the true creators.

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Music, sound and sometimes vision.

Music is anything I like the sound of, end of story, except that it is also anything you might like the sound of as well and not exclusive to you or me except for the reality being that we will probably not like all the same sounds but others beyond us will probably like the sounds that we don’t.

This now leads us right back to the beginning, essentially music is just sound.

Thank you, BogStandad.

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hema4ever's picture

nice top thanks

nice top

Cashmere Lashkari's picture

Really unknown aren't they?

Really unknown aren't they? Although having not heard them cant comment on how good or bad they are.

tedbotting's picture

Yes that is very true

Yes that is very true depending on many vairiables but they are only vairables which move always.
Thanks for the comment Ted.