Best Review - Top 4 tricks used by shoplifters To seize your purposes without Unknowingly


ccording to the newspaper "Daily Mail" British, shoplifters deceived them hidden from which they can seize your things without you knowing this, tricks have been discovered with the help of an expert juggling and magic tricks "Matt Windsor", which is short:

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1 public parks:

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Public places thieves usually work in pairs, so that one of them may come to talk to you about something while the thief would come to pick up the bag in just a few seconds, the blink of an eye you may find that your money and precious gadgets
Hidden, so it is advisable to focus on your gadgets while you enjoy to anyone who asks for help, and keep your bags at your fingertips.

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2 dining table:

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The thief in this case an individual table map over your bag or your phone and then asks for a zone map, and if his hand is precious to withdraw any of the table.
This trick is considered months and the most traded in the world of theft, especially in tourist cities where there are
Boukraithm tourists frequently, making it difficult to identify the thieves and crooks.

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3 Street and crowded places:

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Thieves often target people in the crowded streets, so that it is easy for them to steal bags
Back, so it is advisable to use the side bag or in the chest in a crowded place.

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4 bus :

The thief in this place usually holds a newspaper suggesting read it, to make you not suspect it, and in a few seconds using his hand
To steal anything valuable from your bag taking Gazette excuse or tool to cover his crime, so it is advisable to close the bag
Well in the bus, and to beware of people carrying newspapers specifically.

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Best four tricks used by shoplifters
To seize your purposes without
Unknowingly, see them and warn her

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