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s our children start to speak and eventually are on their way to read, it is vital that they understand the basics of phonics right from the start. While this might sound like something tedious, it really is not. Infact, it could be fun! There are wonderful toys and educational systems that would help your child master their phonics skills right while playing and interacting with you. Here are the top 3 toys that can help your child become super readers..and find reading fun!

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Super Why Wave and Learn Magic Spelling Wand

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This Princess Presto toy is very handy and does a great job teaching children the sound behind each alphabet and spelling. In her very fun and encouraging ways, Princess Pea from the Super Why TV Series, teaches children to spell several 3-5 letter words. This toy does it in a step by step manner, ensuring that your child has mastered one before advancing to the next

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Super Why Touch and Learn Super Duper Computer

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This super toy computer for kids is great as it can help children learn their alphabets, moving on to learning how to spell, the concept of rhyming words and eventually learn how to read sentences and become independant readers. Kids can meet all their friends from Super Why right on their toy computer

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Vtech Write & Learn Letter Pad

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Vtech has done it once again. With the Vtech writing toy, your kid not only can learn how to write, but they also learn how each alphabet sounds and can learn the phonics behind each alphabet and eventually how to read simple words

Top 4

Learn To Read Package by Hooked on Phonics

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This is the absolute learning system all children should have. It helps them from preschool level all the way to the 2nd Grade. Each segment of this learning package handles a part of this journey to becoming independant reader. You can teach your child in the pace that they are comfortable with. There is enough materials to guide parents how to best use the system and teach phonics and reading effectively to kids

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So let us use these wonderful resources and make learning phonics fun for our kids

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