Best Review - Top 4 Tips to Make Money Online from Home writing on Hubpages


ubpages is a free online writing platform where you create unique articles and you can earn income from these articles from Google Adsense, the Hubpages Ad program, and eBay and Amazon commissions if you include a few products listed on your page that compliment your topic.

I've compiled a few different articles written on Hubpages that are all about how to make money on Hubpages. These articles are written by people already making money there. So if you are looking to make money online by writing unique articles, Hubpages might be a good fit for you.

I personally write on a few different online platforms, all of which are free, and Hubpages is one of them. I like to diversify my online writing in different places, that way if any one of the websites is not doing very well with Google, all of my articles are not in the same place. Each writing website is a little bit different and has different rules and regulations about what is allowed and acceptable so be sure to read the terms and conditions prior to joining. And of course, Hubpages is FREE to join.

Make Money Online from Home Writing on Hubpages
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How to Make Money on Hubpages

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Written by a Hubpages member who makes more than $1000 per month from her Hubs that she's written.

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How I got my hub to be on Google's first page

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This describes how to use the Hubpages Flagship Hub Instructions to give your Hub a great chance to get on the first page of Google search results.

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How to Earn Money Writing Articles Online: 60 day Writing Diary

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This Hub takes you through a 60 day writing diary, where during the first 30 days the author creates 30 new Hubs, then the second 30 days they focused their efforts on marketing their new Hubs. Do you personally have a specific goal for your online writing efforts? Tell me about it below in the comments.

Top 4

1,000 Hub Challenge: Income Report, Traffic and Update – Jan. 2012

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This writer has a goal to write 1,000 different Hubs in 2012. What a great goal!

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Are you already a member of Hubpages? If so, do you like to write on Hubpages? Leave me a comment below about where you like to write online to help earn money from home!

I recently was reminded of the importance of increasing my online earnings by simply continuing to create new articles on various websites. I had looked through my Google Adsense earnings and started seeing earnings from a page I had written over 2 years ago. Now all of a sudden I getting a lot of traffic to this one page, and in turn I'm getting Adsense earnings on this page that had previously gotten very little traffic. You just never know when all of a sudden you may get a bump in traffic from a page you wrote a long time ago and also get a bump in earnings! Just keep writing!

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This Top 4 Tips To Make Money Online From Home Writing On Hubpages has been created by our member azlaird whose website you can visit here: Antique Vintage Collectibles.

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wahmshelley's picture

A-hah!!!...Now we know your

A-hah!!!...Now we know your secret...You've been plugging away at this for at least a couple of years...When I went to your Squidoo earnings page, it appeared as though you made that exponential bound to over $1000 per month in six months time...But now it seems that you're actually a veteran...

Thanks for the above links, they definitely hold some secret methods in them for making money writing online...As a matter of fact I was almost shocked to read that Mark Knowles doesn't even do keyword research...And then I was shocked that he aims to write 1500 words for every article...Wow!!!

Congratulations and keep moving forward... Thanks again for sharing your "secrets" too!!!

WAHM Shelley... :)

p.s. I guess you could possibly guess that I like writing here at Best-Reviewer and Squidoo best (I was inspired by your earnings report to write more over there)...

azlaird's picture

That's actually why I wrote

That's actually why I wrote my Squidoo tips page, because my first couple years I didn't know a thing about keyword research etc. It wasn't until the June 2011 that I started actually using keyword research to pick my topics, and implement some SEO on my Squidoo pages, and then I start making good income. And it continues to grow. I wrote the page because if I have learned all those tips in the beginning, I would have been able to make money right away. I suggest people read, read, read, as many free blogs, websites, and pages as they can to learn, learn, learn. Implement what you learn as you go and each new page will be an improvement over the last.

And keep making more new pages. You never know when one will all of a sudden pick up a huge increase in traffic and start making more money. I had a page on that I wrote a couple years ago that never made me any money, and now all of a sudden I'm getting Google adsense from it almost every day. I also had a Squidoo page that only got around 10 visitors per month to it for its first 6 months, then all of a sudden traffic picked up and now 2,000+ visitors per month and making money. Just keep writing, writing, writing. (Good content, of course)!