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earning how to control your level of Stress is one of the most important thing to know these days, when almost everyone wants you to be always at your peak with constant requests of top performances. Forget about how much stressful is just living during these hard times with the economic crisis flooding everywhere. Well, there are four simple things you can do to deal with Stress, and reduce it at an acceptable level: here they are.

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Is it really important?

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What's happening is it really so much important? Ten years from now will it be still an important issue or you will laugh at it? Putting things in perspective helps enormously to reduce our level of Stress. What seems extremely important today can be seen as a pretty funny thing tomorrow.

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Run, or Walk if you prefer.

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Exercising for at least half an hour releases endorphines in our bloodstream thus making us feel better, happy and relaxed. Plus doing physical exercises lets us discharge tensions moving our body. And it clearly makes us more fit too.

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Have an Hypnotic Hobby.

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A great form of meditation, to calm our mind and feel better, is to have an Hypnotic Hobby, that is doing something that makes us so focused on it that we forget everything else for a while. This way we relax and forget about problems and we could even find a solution for them. It can be anything you like, provided it uses 100%% of your attention; like reading a good book, or cooking, or taking care of roses, whatever.

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This is pretty simple: try to sleep as much as you need to recharge your energies and keep yourself in good health. As a rule of thumb if you wake up without alarms then you've slept enough; and keep in mind that one hour of sleep before midnight is worth twice than after.

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Stress can kill, but with these simple tools you can control Stress and be more happy and relaxed again. But you must use them consistently, like four days a week for your hobby and three for exercising. Happy Stress-Free Life!

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