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o often we go from one relationship to another and it turns out to be the same type of relationship just dressed up a little differently. It is the same pain and hurt that we have felt in the past. Why is it that we pick the same type of partner even when we are trying so hard not? How do we break the circle so that we can find the type of relationship that we truly deserve? How do we choose the right partner next time and raise our vibration for love to a higher level?

In order to make change we need to have a look in the mirror to see what things we maybe need to change about ourselves first. This change will enable us to attract the type of partner we truly deserve rather that the same partner in different shoes. Try these tips and see how they work for you.

Before You Look For Love, Look In The Mirror First
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What can we learn from the past?

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Looking at past relationships with our eyes open can help us see some common traits of our past relationships. The saying to help here is "If you spot, you got it". So if you spot something in a partner that you don't like more than likely your energy matches it. So find it and change it.

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Why do we attract the same type of partner?

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Unless you learn from the past you will keep attracting the same type of partner over again. Learn from the past and change what you didn't like.

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What do I have in common with the people I date?

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The law of attraction says that like attracts like. So you are attracting the energy you are putting out, even if you don’t realize it.

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How do I raise my vibration for love to attract a different partners?

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Looking into the past and making some changes can help you raise your vibration for love. Changing your energy will help you attract a different type of love in the future.

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The bottom line is that if you haven’t been happy in past relationships than look in the mirror and change what you don’t like. That will help you change your energy to attract a different partner next time. It might seem hard at first but if you don't change the things you need to, it might seem like you are living in groundhog day.

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