Best Review - Top 4 Things to do With $50

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$50 dollars may not be a lot of money to some people in today's economy, but $50 dollars can go a long way if you know how to do the right things with it. Here I have 7 investments you can make with only $50. Improve Yourself With 50 dollars you can do something that will make you a better person. One of the main examples of this that I think of is learning a new hobby. With your money you can buy books that teach you a craft that you may be interested in. Flip Websites You can buy already mad websites for less then $50 and turn them into profit machines. Follow the link to learn more. Loan it! With a new site called, you are able to make $25 loans to people in other countries who need them. You can give 2 loans with your $50 and like all loans you will be paid back with interest. Save There's nothing better than having money saved for a rainy day. There will always be surprise expenses that will have to be paid.
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Nice ways to use those few

Nice ways to use those few extra bucks. Thanks for some solid tips!