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hese days, kids are introduced to technology at an early age. Children as young as one year old take interest in parents' tablets and smartphones. And it really is amazing how quickly they can figure out some apps without any instructions. In a way, for kids, technology is intuitive - just like learning a language. When electronics manufacturers picked up on kids' interest in technology and a problem that technology was causing for parents who did not want to share their expensice electronic devices with the youngins, they found a new niche - tablets for kids. Toy makers came up with tablets for young kids like Innotab and Leappad. Later, Amazon introduced parental controls app for its popular Kindle fire in order make tablets an affordable "real tablet" option for children. Also, Fuhu Nabi and Kurio kids tablets with wi-fi became an option for parents who wanted a device made for children with children in mind, something in between a toy and an adult tablet.

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Best Kindle for kids

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Kindle Fire HD is one of the best tablets you can buy for elementary school aged children. With parental control apps, you will be able to control which areas of the device your child can have access to. Also, you will be able to set time limits for games and apps, web surfing, reading, etc. Once the time limit is up, the area of the device will become unavailable. Kindle is a great tablet and can also be purchased for younger children, but it will be a good idea to purchase an Otterbox case, in order to avoid any accidental damage to the device.

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Best Tablet for preschoolers

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Innotab 2 and Leappad 2 are toy tablets. There's no web browser, only educational apps, games, and books. The tablets come with several free apps and additional apps, games and books can be purchased in stores or online. The tablets for preschoolers are perfect toys for introducing children to letters, numbers, reading, and math, as well as helping them build up other essential preschool skills for kindergarten readiness.

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Tablet for kids overview

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This article is an overview of how kids tablets compare to each other. Learn about the differences and similarities to figure out which tablet is the best option for your child.

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Innotab vs Leappad

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An article that compares the older version of popular tablets for kids.

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Technology is developing at a rapid rate. Pretty soon, kids will be expected to have basic knowledge of tablets when they enter kindergarten. Did you know that some states, like NC, are planning to stop printing textbooks and will only offer the digital version of textbooks on electronic devices? How crazy is that? Good or bad, tablets are here to stay. And it just happens that kids love them!

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i can say that kids are

i can say that kids are fortunate nowdays because they born in the middle of technology bloom. but some time technology make someone lazy or crazy