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or doctors who helped Larry King, people live a state of "fog of suffering" that must be dissipated to be happy. How? 4 steps to meet your goals
To find the happiness you have to put aside negative energies.

Day by day we perform a multitude of activities, however, some of them, however slight, it becomes a factor that questions our integrity, our values and our happiness. Why the numbers do not raise business? Why the relationship with my partner goes wrong? All these questions could conglomerated into one: Why you are not completely happy?

Happiness, according to scholars, is a physical and mental state with which man is born, he finds. For clinical psychologists George Pratt and Peter Lambrou, find a state of satisfaction where productivity, creativity and joy are the stars, once it can be achieved that the person has managed to unblock energy centers in the body that promote a sense of doubt, discomfort and unhappiness.

In his book "The source of happiness," the authors classify this state of doubt and unhappiness as "the fog of suffering" which is nothing more than a constant state of negative thoughts about your person, which cause feelings of inferiority or uncertainty.

Dr. Pratt and his colleague, has helped golfers, professional players and at the same host, Larry King, who prefaces the book and says for him the sun rose and today can maintain control of your own happiness, after a series of events that prevented it.

And we've all gone through these feelings at some point in our lives, however, find a solution to the problem is more complicated. For Pratt and Lambrou there are four important steps that will help get rid of the "fog of suffering" so we can find the true path to happiness.

4 steps to meet your goals
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Step 1. Identify

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The first thing to know is what are the things that disturb you are, what factors in your life does not allow you to be happy. They say that he who identifies the problem has a solution. To do this, you must take into account the following steps:

a) Identify your "asteroid collision"

• Create a list of past events that may have a strong negative impact on how you see yourself and how you see the world.

• Review the list and determine which event is the one that appears to have been deeper and more meaningful impact.

b) Identify your self-limiting beliefs prevailing

• Now it's time to analyze your beliefs, leaving aside the events that have marked you and analyze what were your negative thoughts do not help you achieve your objectives and goals.

c) Check

• Analyzes the above and separates the most significant event in your past and the most prevalent self-limiting belief.

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Step 2. Delete

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According to the authors, this step will help rebalance your body's energy system and prepare you to create new patterns, especially through physical exercises that will help you find the positive energy.

a) Breathe with hands clasped

Sit with your left ankle over your right, place your left hand over the chest and wrap it with the right hand. Breathe through your nose and expel it through your mouth, close your eyes and repeat the exercise for two minutes.

This exercise will help to expel evil thoughts and energies within your body, you need to find yourself calm and ready to discover new paths that lead you to happiness.

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Step 3. Remodeling

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It is time to release those negative beliefs and installing new ones that help you improve your self-esteem and be aware of the problem. This is not to evade responsibilities, it is know to master your environment and find the best solutions to reach happiness.

a) Eliminate bad

Once you separated the events and beliefs that prevent you from finding a positive way. It is time to remove them. Make a list of them and throw them away. It may sound absurd, but the brain takes it as a movement of rejection and makes you take it more objectively.

b) Ask yourself

It's time to ask yourself what you did wrong so that you avoid those thoughts reach happiness, check if there were other ways to take and answer why you did not.

c) Project your new life

Think about what the right decisions or actions that you take to find happiness would be. See what you did wrong and correct it. This step will help you find the answers you have been looking for. Points in a list of actions that must be performed, the changes should boost and new decisions to take.

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Step 4. Anchor

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It's time to believe. If you do not think you can do that, you never will. The anchor symbolizes the land your thoughts, your beliefs strengthens and begins to look for solutions that will allow you to act appropriately. According to Pratt and Lambrou, energy is crucial to resume positive attitudes and to open new horizons.

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How you dissolved your negative thoughts? Do you know other exercises that could help you find happiness?

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