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rengwainton Garden is a National Trust Property near Penzance in Cornwall, located close to the most southwesterly point of England at Lands End. At Trengwainton Garden you will find many flowering plants, shrubs and trees, plus a walled kitchen garden that was built to the dimensions of Noah's Ark. Visitors to Trengwainton can also see stunning views across the bay to Saint Michael's Mount. Spread over 25 acres, Trengwainton Garden has plants from all over the world, including Magnolias, Rhododendrons, Bananas and Echiums as well as an expanse of bog plants such as skunk cabbage and meconopsis. If you are visiting the Penzance area of Cornwall, and you enjoy wandering around historic gardens, then it is well worth taking a few hours to visit this scenic spot in one of England's prettiest counties. There is certainly a lot to see here, as you will find out if you watch the slideshows, and the paths that wander through the gardens will delight both young and old alike.

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Trengwainton Garden I

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These are some photographs of the many flowering shrubs and bog plants that grow along the stream that runs through the valley. April is a great time to visit Trengwainton Garden in Cornwall because the shrubs are all out in full bloom.

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Trengwainton Garden II

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In April the Magnolia trees are in full bloom, the Tropical Palms and Ferns are all opening up, and Trengwainton Garden in Cornwall is at it's prettiest. There are many exotic plants at Trengwainton, some of which are to be found nowhere else in the UK.

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Trengwainton Garden III

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This slideshow shows the main house at Trengwainton Garden in Cornwall, plus some stunning views across the lawn to Mounts Bay and Saint Michael's Mount.

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Trengwainton Garden IV

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The final part of the tour of Trengwainton Garden in Cornwall shows more flowering shrubs, some amazing Chinese Lanterns, and the Walled Kitchen Garden that was built to the dimensions of Noahs Ark.

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I hope you enjoyed your virtual tour of Trengwainton Garden in Cornwall. If you do choose to visit this tranquil spot, don't forget to pop in to the cafe there as the food is excellent, and it was given a Gold Award by Cornwall Tourism in 2010.

If you would like to see more of my photographs of Cornwall, my slideshows can be found on Yahoo Voices. You can find more information on Trengwainton Garden on the National Trust website.

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Lovely. The Azalias were

Lovely. The Azalias were very, very nice.