Best Review - Top 4 Sites to create Powerful backlinks

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To receive traffic to your website and articles, you must write keyword rich detailed content that should be unique for readers. Apart from writing beautiful content, it is required to create couple of backlinks to get more traffic. Below are some of the best sites to create backlinks. Create the backlinks on these social bookmarking sites which are already used by millions of users all over the world and receive massive traffic. Digg is the most popular site to submit web-pages and create powerful backlinks. Make friends, digg other user's content as well and submit yours to receive traffic. StumbleUpon StumbleUpon has more than 10 million members who can popularize any page submitted on the site. Reddit is is another popular site to submit links of interesting news article, videos, blogs. Delicious is owned by Yahoo! which provides a simple and easy-to-use interface to submit links of interesting web pages.
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LindaJM's picture

Thanks! I should do a lot

Thanks! I should do a lot more social bookmarking than I do.

anujagarwal's picture

Thanks for dropping by Linda.

Thanks for dropping by Linda. It is absolutely required to create backlinks to receive some extra traffic.

EsotericArticles's picture

This is a good list, but I

This is a good list, but I cannot stand Digg. Its a stupdi premise because the front page bookmarks are more related to who has the largest number of people digging each other's content really. I really do not like Digg at all.

skin tightening tips's picture

i love StumbleUpon, nice

i love StumbleUpon, nice review.. thanks :)

anujagarwal's picture

You are true to some extent,

You are true to some extent, but it does show some stories with fewer diggs also. But of course, Digg is more beneficial if you have large number of followers.

anujagarwal's picture

That is so nice of you.

That is so nice of you. Thanks a ton.

EsotericArticles's picture

I really do wish Google would

I really do wish Google would provide more information about their algorithms. It would make all this a lot easier, it really would.

anujagarwal's picture

It will certainly be easy and

It will certainly be easy and helpful. But, these days Google at least provide few information as was the case earlier when everything was behind the scene. Now, they do update when they make considerable changes in their algorithm.

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Thanks for this information.

Thanks for this information. They are a good source of visitor to your blog or website.