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he As Seen On TV brand has gone from something that was considered to be cheap products to a launching pad for some of the most popular items today. Everything from kitchen items to kids toys, some truly amazing items have been launched under this brand. One of the big seller are the toys that have started out on TV. One of the first and biggest is probably Pillow Pets which are now a huge brand and can be found in almost any store. Still there are quite a few other very god and very popular as seen on TV toys.

All of the toys mentioned are extremely well made and very popular with kids. Some you may have heard of while other may be new to you but, if you have a child that has asked for one of them I would highly recommend reading the full reviews to get an idea of what they are all about and see if they are right for you. My daughter loves all of these so I am sure you will to so here are some of the best available today.

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Cuddleuppets are blankets and puppets combined in to one great toy for kids. There are 8 characters all together so there is easily something for any girl or boy. These have been extremely popular for 2012 and are still going strong. Although I am starting to see them in some stores it's rare to find the full selection of characters. I have not seen more then 2 choices anywhere. You can read my full review including my personal experience with Cuddleuppets by checking out the link below.

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Slushy Magic

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We have had our Slushy Magic for about 2 years now and it still works like a charm. This was one of those item I was hesitant on at first but after reading some reviews myself and seeing it still on the market I decided to give it a shot, especially since my daughter was bugging me for it for quite some time. It wound up being a stocking stuffer and was one of her favorites that year. She still uses it on a fairly regular basis and it works great every time. Check out the article below for my full review and some cool ways to use Slushy Magic!

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Happy Nappers

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Happy Nappers, while not all that new, are still one of the most popular as seen on TV toys today. They can be found in some stores and the official website as well. There are 6 characters, all of which go from being a lovable, soft, stuffed animal to a pillow shaped as the animals home. We have the Happy Nappers Unicorn and after a little over a year and a half it's still one of my daughters favorites. We also know a lot of other kids that also have various characters and everyone loves them. You can read more about Happy Nappers by visiting the page below.

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You may be wondering what is a Mushabelly? The strange name goes to a set of stuffed animal characters that also come with an interactive game for iPods and android devices. The stuffed animals themselves are very cute, soft and kids just love them. What really makes the Mushabellies stand out though, is the game that comes with them. This game puts your characters in action in what the company calls Augmented reality. You actually will pay the game in your world by combining 3 AR cards and your device. While looking at the cards through your device you lpay the game in your actual environment. It's something you really have to see in action to get the feel for but, it is really cool. To see some videos of Mushabellies in action and learn more about the Mushabelly itself check out the page below.

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These are probably the most popular toys you will find from the as seen on TV brand. I will try and update the list when something fun and new comes out so check back often. If you see something on TV you would like reviewed feel free to leave a comment. I would also love to here your comments on the items we talk about here.

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