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K proceeds with convention, making custom kilts for the two people. Like the kiltmakers of old, we handcraft our kilts from the best of materials. There are 10 talented kiltmakers on our staff, and we custom make every kilt as indicated by the particulars of our clients. We can create an extravagance quality kilt according to client's guidelines inside 2 to 3 weeks and can dispatch our items ideal to your entryway, with the goal that you can get a real Scottish kilt that is genuinely made only for you

Scottish Kilts for Sale
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Safron KIlt - Irish Tartan Kilt

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This Saffron kilt - Irish Tartan Kilt is made of 8 yards, 16oz overwhelming weight Poly-Viscose with periphery on the overskirt and profound creases . Every single crease at the back is independently sewn to guarantee that they remain sharp.

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Wallace Hunting Tartan Kilt

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Grasp the striking distinction between a clear green and an obvious dark. Value the difference and relish in the energizing, animating green found in the Wallace Hunting Tartan Kilt. This mind blowing kilt is hand made out of acrylic fleece that keeps the glow in when it is chilly outside while likewise staying breathable in hotter climate. Green and dark make up the primary segments of this plaid, yet slim yellow lines serve to layout the designing and give a decent dash of radiant shading. Prepared to wear any kind of adornments like a sporran, the Wallace Hunting Tartan Kilt highlights clasps that oppose rust so you can wear it in any climate. A movable calfskin tie likewise comes included to guarantee your solace.

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Black Stewart Tartan Kilt

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This is a standout amongst the most well known Scottish plaids on the planet. Scottish Black Stewart Tartan Kilt is produced using chosen scope of the absolute Best Scottish plaids to offer you a quality article of clothing at a fantastic cost however with no bargain in conventional quality. Scottish Black Stewart Tartan Kilt has around 5 yards of Black Stewart Acrylic Tartan ( relying upon estimations) and is extremely lighter than the customary kilts. It is perfect for easygoing events or notwithstanding to don occasions. Scottish Black Stewart Tartan texture is anything but difficult to keep up as it is Acrylic fleece So you can even clean it at home and requires not additional overwhelming expenses.

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Gunn Tartan kilt

Gunn Tartan kilt began from a Norse individual name "Gunni" (which signifies "war"). The first Gunni reached Caithness toward the finish of the twelfth century when his better half acquired land there from her sibling who was Jarl (Earl) of Orkney. Gunni's better half was slipped from St Ragnvald who established the St Magnus Cathedral in Kirkwall. Orkney, Shetland was still piece of Norway right now.

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