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omance books, whether they are about the paranormal, contemporary or classic are in big demand in eBook format. Surprisingly, for some, they are sought after by both women and men. It shouldn't be a surprise really because a good romance book can come with multiple story lines and scenarios including explicit sex, murder, mystery and betrayal. They are not all woolly love stories with no substance or depth. The three books in this top three are all very well written and deliver their narrative in a way that grabs the attention from the start and holds it until the end. Three brand new authors that are worth taking a risk on, not even a risk really not at the prices offered.

Contemporary Romance Novel
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Top 1

A Contemporary Romance Novel, The Zanzibar Affair

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An ex-lover is called in to investigate the mysterious disappearance of his former lover. A lot has happened since he last saw her, she was dumped by her latest boyfriend with no explanation or reason, a women is found murdered in Kenya and he realises he is still in love with Kate Hope now missing. He teams up with her daughter to try to unravel the mystery behind her disappearance and discovers an extraordinary connection between their lives,

Top 2

Paranormal Romance Books – The Curse of Fin Milton

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This spooky ghost story and paranormal romance takes place in Cornwall and London. Fin has been cursed, unbeknown to him, by a previous generation. The story is about his quest to remove the curse so that he can be with the only love of his life. If the curse remains they are destined never to be together as normal lovers would be. He is assisted by the beautiful and mystically gifted daughter of a local family with a history of criminality and violence and has to draw on his own supernatural abilities to fight the curse. Bit of a page turner.

Top 3

A Romantic Story of Women In Love - Lonely Mirrors

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This book is an examination of the lives of mothers and daughters, of families that become entwined due to the actions of a father during in the second world war in Cairo. The story unfolds to describe details of their lovers, deaths, days at school, childhoods, their sexual awakening and their husbands. All is revealed.

Top 4

A War Romance During the Malyan Emergency

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Vince Tanner joins the New Zealand army looking for adventure and romance. He is sent to serve in the jungles of Malaya during the Malayan Emergency and after falling foul to a tropical parasite he is placed under the care of a beautiful young nurse who he falls deeply in love with. Unbeknown to him Audrey has a dark and secret past which leads to dire events that threaten to tear them apart forever. Vince loses touch with reality and after getting separated from his patrol in the rainforests of Malaya he is found by the indigenous Aboriginals that live there. Can they help him to recover his true love from the gates of hell before it is too late.

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These are three romantic novels from three new authors, all very good in their own rights but covering slightly different genres. You literally have a choice between classic, contemporary or paranormal romance and none will disappoint.

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