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re you considering carving out a career in online English teaching? If so, you need to first build a solid foundation to make sure that you understand the basics of this field. It’s not just about getting a laptop and logging into the Internet. It’s a bit more complicated than that. So to help you get started, browse through this top and follow these suggestions.

How to Teach English Online
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How to Teach English Online

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This lens contains a comprehensive introduction to the rewarding world of online English teaching. If you would like to get started but don’t know what to do, reading this lens is a great start. This lens makes use of an easy-to-read FAQ format that you can go back to anytime you want. It is also devoid of technical terms to make sure that you fully understand all the important concepts. From a little bit of history of online English teaching up to the materials that you need, this lens will help you fill in the missing information.

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Online English Teaching Methods

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After the comprehensive information, the next thing that you should know about online English teaching is the teaching methods that you should use in your sessions. Just like the previous lens, this lens is devoid of technical terms which can get in the way of your understanding.

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How to Handle Different Online Students

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As you go along your career as online English teacher, you’ll meet different types of difficult students. So to make sure that you’re prepare for what’s about to come, here is a lens that can give you some suggestions and no-nonsense advice to effectively handle your online students.

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How to Market Online English Teaching Services

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If you’re thinking of doing freelance teaching, you need to do a lot of marketing to attract students and enrollees. If you decide to work for a company that offers online English teaching services, this will never be your burden. But if you choose to work alone, you must know how to use the Internet to achieve your goals. After all, if you don’t have students to teach, you cannot make money. So to help you with this, here is a lens that can teach you simple and easy-to-do, yet cost-effective marketing practices that you can do yourself.

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Now that you’ve built a foundation, it’s time to put your learnings to the test. But don’t forget that aside from teaching skills, you should also work on your communication and English skills.

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