Best Review - Top 4 Reasons To Look At Apprenticeships In Project Management


roject management can be a demanding field of work but as a career, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing a project through from start to finish. But why should a project management apprenticeship be on your list?

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Earn and learn

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The average graduate leaves university with debts of £25k. For some subjects, such as medicine, this is much, much more. Student debt effectively places you on the back foot as you enter the marketplace.
It is off-putting for many students and yet, there is a need and a desire for students across all walks of life to enter different fields of study. An apprenticeship can provide a solution to the problem of how to fund continuing education and skills.
Apprenticeships are offered across all kinds of industries, project management is one of them. An apprenticeship means you get to learn the really important stuff, grab the skills and qualifications you need without placing yourself at the bottom of a pit of debt.

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The same, high standard of project management qualifications

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If you think a project management apprenticeship is an easy option, think again. The truth is that studying an apprenticeship can be just as challenging (and rewarding) as studying in the classroom.
The pressures can be much the same. As well as working, being an active and engaged member of the team, when others are sat with their feet up watching TV, you will ‘at the books’ or completing other theory learning.
This is because the standard of the qualifications you receive through an apprenticeship is not diluted. They are the same high-quality qualifications as you would normally expect to receive for the level at which you are studying.

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Getting ahead of the game

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The days of walking out of the university doors at the end of a course and walking straight into a high powered job are gone. Many graduates are struggling to get a foot in the door – they have the qualifications but with experience limited, it can be hard to get a start.
In effect, with both the skills, qualifications and experience behind you after an apprenticeship, you are placing yourself in an advantageous position. You have a lot of what employers are looking for in an employee, novice or not.

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Experience, experience, experience

Even if you are a ‘novice’, you will find that many employers looking for junior project managers will be looking for some level of experience. Whilst a strong theory background will stand you in good stead what will catapult your name to the top of the interviewing shortlist is a theory that has been put into practice.
Employers have expectations of candidates and rightly so, this is high. You need to be confident that you do all you can to develop the skills and training alongside practical, hands-on experience.

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