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opefully you have learned by now that one of the keys to making money online is getting your article found for it's primary keywords in organic Google search results.

Sometimes this is easier said than done if you're trying to rank for competitive keyphrase.

Now, chances are you may have also tried some sort of system to help assist in ranking your articles. Quite frankly most of them simply do not work. These tend to be a lazy man's way out. They offer some form of spun content or duplicate content. They may have some short-term affect, but the long-term results from these methods are negligible.

There is a way to get it done. And that way is Build My Rank.

Build My Rank Review
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Build My Rank uses unique content

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This system is actually quite aggressive in not allowing spun content, duplicate content, poor grammar or entries riddled with spelling errors. While this may mean a little bit of QA on your own before submitting any articles, in the long run it means the domains the system puts your articles on will remain viable in the eyes of Google because they will stay top notch quality.

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Build My Rank is not hard to use

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In fact it can be completely outsourced. Since the minimum post is 150 words for link many outsourcers on places like fiverr offer BMR packages where they will give five articles for five dollars. But you do not even need that. It does not take a long time to write hundred and 50 word post. It is easy to finish 15 to 20 of these in an hour. If you are like me you may choose to outsource about 10 articles a week and do about 50-60 yourself to keep up the qauntity of your backlinks.

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BMR can work with web 2.0

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After seeing how well BMR worked with regular websites, I wanted to see what it could do with linking to those web 2.0 articles used to LINK TO the websites. The results were just as good.

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BMR stands the test of time

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The Google Panda updates have blasted many people using backlinking methods out of their top spots. These people will cry and moan because of their downgrades, but ultimately they usually receive these because the methods they used to receive those ranks relied on duplicate and spun content, or at a minimum sites they may have went from use those methods to rank. With BMR, this doesn't happen. The absolutely forbid any sort of duplicate or spun content. The quality of their sites is maintained at a high level and their network of blogs for the possible links is over 2500 strong and growing, so you will not have multiple links coming from same domain. Don't believe it… Do your own test with 10 free links you can get from BMR.

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jimformation's picture

This is a great new resource.

This is a great new resource. Thanks for the info!

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Thanks for the

Thanks for the info!!!...WAHMs and WAHDs will love to add this one to their make money online strategies..

Zentao01's picture

Thanks guys, I would really

Thanks guys, I would really be interested to hear your opinions if you try it. I was shocked at how well it really works. Previous to this I have always believed that while some 'systems' must have -some- positive effect, the majority were just crutches for people who weren't willing to put in the work and they did not work long term. This is really changing my opinion. Qaulity content is still #1 but this can really help to push that content over the hump