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hoto editing is one of my favorite hobbies. Thanks to modern day computer software, perfecting or adding special effects to photos and pictures is fast, easy and free! Of course one can spend tons of money and buy the most popular, professional photo editing software called Photoshop. But why spend money for what can be had for free?

Photoscape is one of the best free photo editing software programs available. It's very easy to learn how to do many different special photo effects. Whether you're designing website banners, creating animated gifs, or touching up old photographs, Photoscape is the way to go. To download a free copy of Photoscape visit

My top four photo editing effects using Photoscape are creating mirrored or reflective text, cloning images, making animated gifs, and cartoonizing photos. All of these photo editing how-to's are shown step by step in the following videos.

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Reflective Or Mirrored Text and Images

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Learning how to make reflective or mirrored text that pops out of a picture or banner is easy to do and is one of my favorite photo editing effects. Use this photo editing effect for creating banners for your blog or for advertising. This mirrored or reflective effect also work for photos and clip art.

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Clone Images or Remove Unwanted People

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Cloning is a fun photo editing effect. You can quickly and easily make a twin or clone of any image in your pictures or photographs.

Do you have any photographs that have someone in them that you wished could be removed? Good news. The cloning effect can also be used to remove an image from your photos or pictures.

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Animated Gifs and Animated Pictures

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You can create your own animated gifs or animated pictures and use them as online avatars. This is easy with Photoscape photo editing software. You can use this gif photo effect to also make your own animated banners and advertisements.

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Cartoonize Yourself and Friends

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Wanna turn someone into a cartoon?! This video will show you how to make any photograph of yourself and/or friend(s) into a cartoon. This is cool, fun and very easy to do. You don't have to upload your photos to the Internet. Just download Photoscape and follow these simple steps.

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For more photo editing tips, information, and written tutorials visit the blog at If you have any questions or request on how to do any specific photo editing effect, let us know.

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