Best Review - Top 4 Online Dinosaur Virtual World Games for Kids

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Dinosaur Virtual Worlds are online games where kids get to be dinosaurs and roam around a world interacting with other dinos and playing mini-games. The games here are suitable for kids from around age 5 up to around 12. The games are either free or have a free version with more advanced features available to paying members. Have fun in a dino world! DinoSawUs An interactive dinosaur game with a great variety of mini-games like dinosaur coloring, a dance move game and navigating through molten lava. Great fun. Webosaurs Webosaurs has superb graphics and offers a very high quality experience full of mini-games. You get to buy things to furnish your cave and can even get a pet. DinoKids DinoKids is a dino-themed social networking environment for kids and tweens. It has fun and educational mini games and an eco friendly theme. MyDinos (Beta) MyDinos is a new virtual world where you get to raise baby dynamals, travel through time and learn about history and endangered species. There's a turn-based battle system. Very engaging.
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