Best Review - Top 4 My Family's Favorite Recipes

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My family love these recipes and ideas and they are easy to make. If you want a true Southern food check out these recipes. They come right from the kitchen of a Texas woman. Each recipe only takes a few ingredients and I think you will agree with my..they are yummy!!! So grab your apron and heat up the oven and fill your kitchen with these wonderful aromas and see your family come running. Homemade German Chocolate Frosting There is nothing better than a two layered German chocolate cake with thick sweet homemade coconut and pecan frosting. Skillet Mexican Cornbread This is a favorite of my house. I will make a pan of Mexican cornbread and a pot of pinto beans and we chow down. You can just have this cornbread alone. Hope you enjoy. Beef and Potato Taco Caccerole Beef and potato taco casserole is easy and delicious. Great dinner idea. The Many Ways to Cook the Amazing Corn Corn is a staple food. You can have it fried, boiled, grilled, casseroled and even sometime just right out of the can.
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