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hough we might be tempted to hoard a lot of baby gear, mostly because they are cute, here's the 4 most important baby gear to actually buy
1. Baby carrier
2. Baby bath sling
3. Pram
4. High chair

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Baby carrier

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This is indispensable especially if you have a high needs baby who needs to be carried all day. Having a carrier means, you could have you hands free for other tasks while your little one peacefully dozes off in his nest.

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baby bath sling

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This comes in handy especially in the first few months when you are too scared to bathe your baby. This allows you to have both hands free while baby safely lies on the sling.

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This comes in picture when (if) you wanna go on a walk but feel too exhausted to carry your baby in your baby carrier.

Top 4

High chair

This would be useful once your baby is able to sit on his own. This helps you allow him to feed himself and saves a little of your energy which would've otherwise been spent on running behind your little one to make him eat.

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This is a list of things that you actually might need in the first few months once your baby arrives,.

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