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ith the introduction of facebook new plateform Facebook developers in social media got a exclusive opportunity to make money online. Marketers got opportunity to meet the developers to find a solution for their marketing strategies. You may be wondered how developers make money on facebook.

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Market and Advertise

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Advertisement and cross-promotional schemes and affiliate marketing can be practiced. It is not possible to use Google Adsense in this since face book does not allow JavaScript embedding. We have seen Google Adsense from some of the facebook application though it’s against the Adsense TOS. Affiliate marketing is one of the best way to make money in this platform.

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Create a Business Page

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Create a specific business page in facebook where they market and sell specific brand of products, like eBooks related computer networking. They don’t be a publisher in order to determine the all the rights, they simply get registered at clickbank, Amazon and other affiliated market networks and get the affiliate link. Click bank is the best affiliate network where they get maximum profit. As soon as they create the fan page they try to promote the page and get more fans so that the advertisement reaches to saturated audience.

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Develop Application

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A developer can be a third party contractor for developing application. Number of companies have been advertising for contract jobs at Facebook developers’ forum. If you go through the forum you will find a huge gap between post and replies from developers,

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Selling Application

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Developers already have practiced this on facebook and some of them have earned millions of dollars. They develop various applications only the purpose of selling interested parties. Several applications have already drawn the attention of users and some of them are very popular among the facebook users.

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With the pace of innovation in technology as well as in internet people are getting numerous opportunities to make money online. In future face book may provide various alternatives to make money within its platform. We are always hoping for better opportunities.

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