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OL mail is expanded an America Online emails. The AOL mail account provides not only the messaging facility but also the trending news in America along with others. This mail is quite famous in foreign countries as it provides many functionalities along with mailing, as seen in Yahoo mails, but is made for users especially in America.
Sometimes it becomes required to work on the desktop rather than online and at some place, you feel to have a mail account which can add other mail accounts to it so that all emails could be viewed from the same place. At times the user needs to back up the data in AOL mail to use it for future use and risk-free from data loss through cloud storage. To accomplish all these, you can move AOL emails to other email clients or backup the data so that the emails could be viewed as required and the required reply is forwarded as fast as possible.

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SysTools AOL Backup tool

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SysTools backup tool is the best tool to save the emails in AOL mail and the list of backing up starts with it. The software with the newest version backs up the data with at-most ease and the tool also provides the feature of adding preferences like the specific mail between the date provided so that only the required emails are backed up and all emails are not saving the backup time and the storage of the backup file (in case of large number of files available).

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Move AOL mail to Outlook

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Outlook is considered to be the best email client, as it can open about 5 email clients in it at the same time and the bulk export of data is quite easy in Outlook. Thus, AOL mail is added to Outlook and the important data in AOL mail also could be backed up for further use and a risk-free issue from data loss due to cloud storage. Many users don’t know how to link AOL mail to Outlook, so the users need to backup the AOL emails and then need to import those emails to Outlook or other email clients.

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Move AOL mail to Thunderbird

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Thunderbird has a number of useful features such as message archive, attachment reminder, activity manager, powerful search option, that is better suited any user of email service and also it is a desktop based email client with offline mode working functionality with Emails.
Thunderbird is an open source application. Thus, it can be downloaded and used very simply. The methods in syncing the AOL mail with Thunderbird is quite simple but sometimes become difficult for the non-technical people to understand the procedure to configure outlook to AOL mail.

Top 4

Move AOL mail to Zoho mail

Zoho mail is another Email client that has many features different from mentioned above email clients. Zoho mail has automatic email forwarding functionality. Also, the feature of replying from the mail address of other/different mail address. Mails/Contacts could be easily exported and imported from/to the Zoho mail. Also, a feature of bookmarking is provided to bookmark sites, articles, blogs to share it with your contacts and added groups.
Zoho Mail is an online email client, but due to its various features, users try to link their AOL mail to the Zoho mail. The procedure to convert the AOL emails to Zoho mail is easy but the port configuration is to be configured with concentration, otherwise, the AOL mail won’t be added to the Zoho mail and the emails in AOL mail will not be viewed in Zoho mail with the exact folder structure as in AOL mail.

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