Best Review - Top 4 Mandolins, and the Musicians that play them!!!!!!


ow the mandolin is often overlooked in today's world in favor of the guitar, and this, I say, is quite a lot of nonsense. The mandolin is a far older instrument, and in fact, is a first cousin to the violin.

If you can't recognize the sound of a mandolin within a few seconds, then shame on you and your family for being so ill minded of the fine arts...unless, of course, you are deaf, then please pardon me!

Mandolins are themselves often fine works of art, and then used by the greats to produce more works of art of the musical variety.

Let us have a look and a listen!!!!!!!!

The Gibson F-5 Mandolin
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The Gibson F-4 Mandolin

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Designed by Orville Gibson himself after studying Cremona violins, the F-4 was the flagship of Gibson for many years.

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The Gibson F-5 Mandolin

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The Gibson F-5 Mandolin is the most desired mandolin on the planet. No If, and's, or but's about it - these are expensive treasures, and should you ever see one of the F-5s built and signed by designer Lloyd Loar, you are a blessed being!

Top 3

David Grisman, His Music, His Style

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David Grisman is a musical genius that happens to play the mandolin, he has played with legendary guitarists such as Jerry Garcia, Clarence White, and Tony Rice - and has even invented his own style of music, read on!

Top 4

Ricky Skaggs

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Ricky Skaggs is one of the finest American musicians to have ever lived. He sings, he plays guitar, he is master of the mandolin, he plays banjo, he even masters the fiddle...what more could you want? No one does this on his level!

Do you like this top?

I hope to have here introduced you to some essential knowledge concerning the ancient and vaunted musical instrument called "mandolin." I also hope to hear introduce you to its fine players, and makers.

Fans of the instrument, your thoughts are dearly appreciated.

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Zentao01's picture

I love the sound of the

I love the sound of the mandolin. I remember first hearing it when the pop band "the Hooters" used mandolins extensively in their songs. I loved the sound of it and I love when I hear it in songs to this day.

wesmantoddshaw's picture

Thanks very much, Zenata!

Thanks very much, Zenata! While I'm not familiar with The Hooters, I am familiar with the love of the sound of a mandolin!!!!!!!!!!!!!