Best Review - Top 4 Little TikeStix Building Sticks Construction Toys For Kids


hildren have been enjoying toys made by Little Tikes for many years and so this latest range will be a welcome addition to the range. Have you seen the commercial on tv for this new Little Tikes range of building construction toys? Called TikeStix, these construction toys are designed for younger children's little hands to build anything their imaginations will come up with. Available in 4 great sets to choose from with 6 or 7 different things that your child can build from the one set, each one fun to play with. You and your child can choose to follow the instructions or try to create your own construction project. With large pieces that are easier for little children to grip onto and connect to other large pieces, TikeStix is a good choice for children too young to play with Lego. Because the pieces are so large their project will be easier to build. Once one project has been completed your child can then play in / with it or choose to dissemble and start another project. Comes with all pieces necessary to construct the main project and 6 other suggested projects. Great lead in product before moving on to Duplo or Lego construction blocks. Choose from the Little TikeStix Playhouse, Clubhouse, Doghouse (with a dog to go with it) and Rocket (for astronauts of course!). Strong, sturdy, brightly colored and most of all fun for younger children to build with.

Little TikeStix Playhouse Building Construction Toys For Kids
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Tike Stix Playhouse Construction Set

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It's a playhouse to begin with, but once your child has constructed the playhouse he/she may want to turn it into something completely different!

Top 2

Tike Stix Rocket Construction Set

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Great for the budding astronaut to fly to the moon and beyond. When the space mission is completed time to turn the rocket into something else.

Top 3

Tike Stix Clubhouse

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The Tike Stix clubhouse is the place for your child and all his/her friends to meet and talk about what they can turn the clubhouse into next.

Top 4

Tike Stix Doghouse Construction Set

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If your child has always wanted a dog of his/her own, here is the chance for him/her to have not only the doghouse but the dog too

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Need more information? This is a great range of building sticks for Christmas gifts, or better yet, the perfect toy for Grandma and Granddad to give your children and can be seen and purchased at TikeStix On, along with many other great toys by Little Tikes!

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