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any people think of Miami, Florida as the perfect retirement destination. In fact, the city has something to offer almost anyone of any age. It’s an ideal place for families to visit or to raise your kids in the beautiful tropical setting for which the city is known. One favorite destination for family fun is the Miami Children’s Museum. It has a lot of interactive displays that allow kids to enjoy a hands-on learning experience that also happens to be a lot of fun. You can also opt for a day of sand and water at the beautiful Miami beaches. Families that live in Miami and are always on the lookout for their next adventure will find a lot of attractions to choose from. One that you hope to participate in no more than once in your lifetime is the trip to a lice treatment center.

No matter where your kids go to school, they are always at risk of catching lice and bringing them home to turn the infestation into a family affair. Instead of using the harsh chemicals available over-the-counter, going to a lice treatment center allows you to get treated by a professional who has dealt with similar situations repeatedly. If you find that you and/or your children require lice removal, these are the 5 top centers in the Miami region.

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Lice Troopers

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For parents who worry about putting strong chemicals in their children’s hair and then not getting the best results, this lice treatment center has the perfect solution. They use a safe, non-toxic lice treatment that is 100% Guaranteed to work after a single application. They also give you a choice between home or salon lice removal as well as offering evaluations of the home and treatment to eliminate the problem. Lice Troopers also offers evaluations of schools, camps and other locations where children frequently come into close contact. They give the services you need wherever you need them.

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Lice Busters

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This New Jersey-based company operates as the “all natural flatrate solution” for eliminating lice. Their services are so well-respected, they have been featured in multiple media sites including Daily News, the Wall Street Journal, CBS News, the Chicago Tribune, The Jewish Week and more. Lice Busters was introduced at a time when the only potential solution to getting rid of head lice was from harsh chemicals that had to be applied to children’s heads and often didn’t work. Today, they are recognized as an industry leader for lice removal.

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Coral Gables

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This all natural lice treatment service covers the entire range of services related to head lice from screenings to help with insurance reimbursement. They also offer a one-time treatment guarantee.

Top 4

Miami Lice

A professional lice-removal company made up of professionals with the expertise to remove each and every parasite from your family and your home. They guarantee to leave you with a lice-free home.

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If you suspect a child or other family member has head lice, contact a lice treatment center for an evaluation and possible treatment. Don’t keep them waiting to get relief.

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