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ave you misplaced your pencils again? Are you looking for a place to keep your pens, markers, paper clips, rubber bands, and other supplies? Why not design your own pencil holder? Instead of throwing away that empty tin can in your house, turn it into something more useful. With a little paint, construction paper (as an alternative to paint), ribbon, beads, and glitter, you can take an ordinary tin can and turn it into a new pencil holder! You can design it in anyway you would like, from putting your name on it to decorating it in a specific theme. Here are a few ideas for homemade pencil holder to design.

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Creating a Pencil Holder In General.

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You can use different materials to design your own pencil holder. Some of the materials include a tin can, paint, construction paper, and more. You can come up with any design you want, from a pattern to your own name!

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Designing Your Own Winter Pencil Holder.

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You can also design your pencil holder in themes, such as the winter season. You can use white, blue, and silver paint, construction paper, glitter, ribbons, beads, and more! Use it in your own home or as a holiday gift for a loved one.

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Designing Your Own Summer Pencil Holder.

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When you design a summer pencil holder, you can use the same type of materials you would for the winter pencil holder. But instead of using white, blue, and silver, you can use red, orange, and yellow.

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Designing Your Own 4th of July Pencil Holder.

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You can design your own 4th of July pencil holder using paint, construction paper, ribbon, and/or beads. Of course the colors you want to use are red, white, and blue. Use it just for the 4th of July or all year round!

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You can use one of these ideas for homemade pencil holders, or you may have a few of your own to try out. In addition to holding pencils, your pencil holder can also be used for school supplies, office supplies, art supplies, or whatever else you may need it for! Keep it at home or work, or give it to a loved one as a homemade gift! Have fun designing your own homemade pencil holder.

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