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Set rules. An important part of the nature of dogs is their great curiosity about the world around them; them as babies, know the world largely through their mouths, which is why biting is for them something basic. However, certain rules must be established if we have a good relationship with our partners, so they must learn that if you can bite like us to draw attention so that they understand.

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All dogs bite, this is normal for them as they seek to relieve itching and swelling that teething causes them, this is how we find our shoes, furniture and other objects destroyed, because they provide the necessary satisfaction or are sized to enter in their mouths and play the role of toys pet stores offer.

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Think about the dog.

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Like humans, dogs also suffer from nerves and those who are more nervous about any situation, tend to bite more things, so give our dog a calm and respectful environment also help to reduce tensions and bite less things.

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Positive reinforcement.

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Unfortunately, many dogs like to chew things over with the smell of their owners as their shoes, gloves, socks and even chairs that are in our homes. The correct way to teach the difference between what can and can not bite it is to buy a lot of toys that can be used without problems when you want and making a lot of praise and holidays when instead of biting our things, bite their toys, so they look just biting his approval.

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Be smarter than the dog.

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Do you talk nice does not work? Try leaving his toys overnight inside your shoes and the next day will lean more for his toy which is allowed- as it smells like you.

Another reason for which your dog can bite plants is lack of exercise. Depending on the size and weight of the dog, it takes a minimum time of exercise each day to burn enough energy. Learn about the features of your dog and ride suited to them.

If, however, the toy does not work and your dog continues to bite the plants, spray the plants with a product bitter or spicy flavor. Use natural products for plants are not damaged and the dog either. Products with strong and unpleasant odors funcionan.Te also recommend discuss it with your veterinarian products intend to use to ensure that they are not harmful to the animal.

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Having a dog is a great challenge and a challenge to our patience and teaching ability; they should learn from us, no abuse, what they can and can not do in our house so that we can coexist with them for a long time. It is important to note that to make a healthy coexistence with our dog we must establish rules that they and we must follow. One of the most common questions is how to teach the dog not to bite things. Here we show you how to make the dog does not bite.

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