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he problem with books is that, to their writers, they are like children, authors lavish love and attention into writing their books, they love them and they cherish them. Many authors also think that they will be as well received and valued by a discerning public as they are by themselves. Write it an they will come is the old adage.

But there are many, many authors that will tell you, through bitter experience, that this simply is not true. The public will not come flocking to your online URL address, singing your praises and asking when you are going to write another book.

No, for the vast majority, I am afraid not. A book is after all, no matter how much blood sweat and tears you put into it, another product. A product that also has to be marketed and in a very fierce, competitive niche.

Write it for sure, you need to, but don't be naive, it will not sell itself. That is why you need to apply some common sense to your book writing journey. Why you need to think about who will buy your book, even before you start writing it. How you will ensure it is produced to a high standard and how you will promote it in the market place once it is published.

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How Do You Write a Book or Novel

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Start at the beginning, find out first of all what it takes to even be considered by a publisher, how important the basics are for the quality of your book and how important editing and proof reading is. Then be prepared for a knock back from the literary agents and publishers, they review vast amounts of books and choose a very small percentage. When you have explored that avenue you will need to consider what your options are as an independent author or publisher. Where there is a will there is a way.

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eBook Formatting & Publishing

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A cost effective means by which you can quickly and relatively easily get your book in front of the public. They may buy your book and they may provide valuable feedback. Ideally you want that feedback to be positive, so make sure it is your writing they are reviewing and not a whole bunch of poor formatting problems, spelling or punctuation errors and general quality problems. Quality counts, so get it right.

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A Website Design Guide

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Creating your own website may seem like a daunting or expensive task. But is it really, as an author the chances are you only want something relatively simple and straightforward, a blog perhaps or a few simple web pages. This is surprisingly easy to achieve at a low cost as well. Understanding how to get published on-line and how websites work will help you no end in getting the website you want that can help you to promote your book.

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Google Do's and Google Don'ts

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Knowing what search engines value in Search Engine Optimisation and of course what they don't, will help you ensure that you at least stay out of trouble when you are promoting your book. There are techniques you can use that get you free traffic from the Internet. Choosing the right keywords that are not too competitive and that target the right kind of people who are actually interested in your book will help you to have at least a fighting chance of selling a few. If you are selling then the chances are that book distributors such as Amazon will promote you more, they love a success story and if you are selling they are making money. Promoting an Amazon page using the techniques in this book will add power to your campaign, Google already love Amazon and you can use your website or blog to promote your book page and author profile on Amazon.

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The bottom line is for most authors, the task of getting your book written and published is just the beginning of a long journey. Getting your book in front of a highly critical, paying public is an exercise in marketing and if you really want to sell your book you do need to take on the role of promoter and marketer. You will need to court publicity, answer questions, write articles and publish press releases. Ideally using your own website or blog as a launch platform and adopting the latest online marketing techniques to help you get found by search engines and on social media sites.

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