Best Review - Top 4 Hottest Christmas Gifts of 2010


his list highlights 4 of the hottest toys and games we expect to be hot this holiday season. Expect all 4 of these products to be hard to find as we get closer to Christmas. Get your shopping out of the way early and spend more time with the family! Here we go

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Xbox Kinect with Kinect Adventures

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The top item for the 2010 holiday season is gonna be the brand new Xbox Kinect Motion Sensor Accessory for the Xbox 360 Console. The package includes Kinect Adventures game to get you started. This product is geared to both girls and guys

Top 2

Dance Star Mickey

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Expect Dance Star Mickey to be on alot of Christmas lists. This product is already experiencing shortages and will no doubt be incredibly hard to track down. The new Dancing Mickey offers a new form of interaction letting you watch, listen, laugh and dance with Mickey Mouse.

Top 3

Sing A Ma Jigs

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Sing A Ma Jigs are a small hand held plush doll that can talk, harmonize and sing a unique song. Each color has a different personality and different song. Sing A Ma jigs come in 9 colors currently with 3 additional colors being added before Christmas. Expect the Yellow, Orange, Blue, and Red to be incredibly hard to find.

Top 4

Playstation Move

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The PS3 Move is an accessory that already has long backorders and will be incredibly limited by Christmas. The controller is similar to the wii remote letting you wave the controller in the air and seeing similar motions on the tv screen.

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So we have outlined 4 products we expect to sell out rather soon this holiday season. Expect limited shipments and long lines the closer it gets to Christmas. If you end up having trouble hunting anything down feel free to stop by for these hard to find items!

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VBE's picture

Feel free to make

Feel free to make recommendations of products you think might be hot as well. I will be adding additional items as we get closer to Christmas.

kiwisoutback's picture

There's quite a few to choose

There's quite a few to choose from. Wii is still hot, Sesame Street and Elmo are still big with little kids... thanks for all of the ideas here.

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Do you have recommendations

Do you have recommendations Top Christmas Gifts for 2012?