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ot all but most of us are trying to earn extra income with online jobs.You can earn good income with less skills like article writing,data entry etc.Most important things to start with are basic computer knowledge and internet connection.So here are best and highest paying freelancing sites.The most important thing I can promise here is that you won't be cheated in anyway on these sites.You will get chance to work on real projects and with real people.These sites are best ways to outsource office work and they are playing an important role in connecting contractor and employer

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This is most trusted site.It has large no of projects in each category.Free to join.You will get 30 bids each month to bid on project related your skill set.You can also take part in contest to earn more.

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This is US based site also has many number of projects and free to join.There are many ways for both employer and freelancer to make their promise.You will not get cheated in this site in anyway.

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Another same site.Which is free to join and some extra options.

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Odesk is abbreviated form of office desk and provide you with large no of contractors.There are also other options to check on these sites.

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Anyone can earn money with his/her own skill.You will get project for each skill set.These sites are totally free to join.They lots of other features like contests etc.

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Hi! I think it'll make sense

Hi! I think it'll make sense if you mention other places where people can find freelancers/freelance jobs. For example, XPlace. It's a freelance job board with higher rates than on other marketplaces, no commission, and a multitude of freelance job offers!