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alloween is such a favorite time of the year. Our house has always been a fun-filled, spooky decorated, hilarious big party during this season. With such a big family from newborn to adult, each corner of the house and yard always held a fun and spooky surprise. We would play lots of games, tell stories, play scary jokes on each other, have costume contests, eat Halloween decorated goodies and so much more.
One of my super favorite things to do is to read or enjoy hearing the poetry readings. These Halloween poetry for children selections are fun for both child and adult to enjoy. These poems can be read aloud at a Halloween party or gathering both small and large, or just to read for your enjoyment.
Our poetry selections speaks of witches, goblins, black cats, spooks and trolls, Halloween thrills and treasures, pumpkins, ghosts and ghouls, screams and laughter and more. The author of our second poem, Harry Behn (September 24,1898 -September 3,1973) also known as Giles Behn was born in McCabe, Arizona, which is now a ghost town. Mr. Behn was an American screen writer and children's author. He received his education at Stanford University and Harvard University.
He was hands on in writing the screenplays for many films, some of which include The "Big Parade" in 1925, La Boheme in 1926 and "Hells Angels" in 1930. Mr. Behn has also written other Halloween poetry.

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We have selected poetry from a variety of authors. We are glad to bring you these spooky Halloween poems to share and enjoy with your children. Delight in the creativity of a variety of verse this Halloween season.

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