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ot mice? Got rats? Got Squirrels? If this is your first infestation or you simply have not been able to solve your rodent infestation problem, I have the ultimate solution for you. People commonly underestimate the number of rodents they have, or really don't know all the steps you must take to get rid of mice, rats, squirrels, raccoon and other rodents.

The Best Mouse Trap Mouse in box
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Best Humane Mouse Trap

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The Victor Humane Electronic Mouse Trap (M2524) is the most cost effective and efficient trap. The mice have no chance of escaping and it is 100% effective. It is safe for children, pets and and you. Absolutly no chance getting shocked due to the automatic shutoff. LED light notifies when mouse is captured. This is a no see or touch trap, its an easy disposal mouse trap. Will eliminates up to 50 mice on 4 AA batteries.

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Best Multi-kill Mouse Trap

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The Victor Multi-Kill Electronic Mouse Trap M260 100% effective for large area and it works on both mice and rats. Do not let small animals near this trap, other wise it is safe for children, pets and parents. It will eliminate up to 10 mice with out resetting and hold up to 150 mice. Mice cannot escape; are quickly killed within 3-5 seconds. Mice automatically transport to collection drawer, ready for disposal. It runs on 4C batteries.

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The Best Humane Rat Trap (or mice)

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Agrizap infrared Rat Zapper will humanely eliminate rats or mice. Kind of a two in deal! Get up to four years per set of D batteries. World's best rat eliminator.

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The Best Rodent Deterrent - The Evictor

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People hate strobe lights and so do rodents. This will get rid of rats, squirrels, raccoon, other rodents or birds living in your attic or crawlspace. Proven to work so well, even the governement uses them.

Be sure to check out site for detailed information on the rodent strobe, as there are some warning and precautions with using the unit. The Evictor Rodent Strobe lights will keep the critters away forever.

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What are the best rodent traps? There are many arguments regarding "kill" vs. "no kill" traps as well as a lot of confusion. Whether you use the no kill humane traps (as PETA recommends), fatal snap traps or suffering sticky traps, people come into contact with the rodent as its released from the trap or brought to disposal. Because of the 60 diseases rodents are capable of transmitting to humans, the Center for Disease Control recommends Electronic Humane Traps for smaller rodents as a clean and safe method.

If you use live traps whether for small or larger rodents, then, for each rodent you catch, you'll need a "safe" location for its disposal. How far away is adequate? Take mice for example; according to PETA articles in so many words, "mice are fastidious and clean...mice deserve our respect...and we should learn to live in harmony with mice and rats." In truth, PETA is right, mice do separate their living and bathroom quarters. Hard-pressed to find anyone to admit they would want Ms. Mouse making her bathroom their flatware drawer.

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The Mice Kit includes both T

The Mice Kit includes both T Rex snap traps and glue boards. Both very effective products and with both in your hands you'll be sure to capture them all.

To learn more about rat traps visit our website [TO PROMOTE YOUR SITE ON BEST REVIEWER YOU HAVE TO SIGN UP AND POST YOUR OWN TOPS].

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Nice! YOu are actually

Nice! YOu are actually teaching people to, "build a better mousetrap"!