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ames are essential to a good party, they keep the guests occupied and having fun. If there are no games planned, the party will most likely be a flop. A camping birthday party is a great birthday party for girls or boys of different ages. And it is fairly easy to plan one, however camping themed games are somewhat hard to think up. So I have made a list of the top 4 ones to play so that you can have a great camping party! :-)

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Capture the Flag (in the dark)

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How to play- There are two even teams, two territories (also even), and two brightly colored items (bandannas work well but old T shirts also are good). Each team is assigned a territory. Have the teams hide their flag in their territory (usually supposed to be somewhat visible). The goal is for the teams to get the other team's flag, who ever gets it first wins. When a team member goes onto the opposing team's territory they can be tagged and brought to jail (each team has it's own jail, placed on their territory) . To get someone out of jail, one of the prisoner's team mates has to sneak to the jail and tag the prisoner to get him/her out.

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Flashlight tag

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How to Play- Select an it. Have everyone hide. When you are found and the flashlight beam shines on you, you go to jail and the it keeps looking for other players. The players in jail can escape if another player tags them out. The game ends when everyone is in jail.

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How to Play- Have as many small pieces of paper as there is guests, on one of these is a large, bold, creepy, letter M. Shuffle these pieces of paper in a hat and have everyone pick, eyes closed. Then the lights are turned out and everyone starts aimlessly walking around, the person who got the letter M is now called the Murderer, but they do not let anyone know they got the letter. The Murderer selects a person and, being careful not to let them see him/her, taps the person on the head. When the person is tapped, they scream and collapse. The lights go on and everybody takes a vote on who they think the Murderer is. The person with the majority of votes either leaves the game if they were not the Murderer and the game continues with the same Murderer, or but if they are the Murderer then the game ends.

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How to Play- A Narrator is selected. The Narrator then tells all the guests (called townspeople in the game) to bow their heads. The Narrator declares, " I am now selecting the Mafia." He/she taps someone on the head, they are now the Mafia. The Narrator then says, "I am now selecting the Doctor." Taps someone on the head, they are now the Doctor. Then the Narrator says, "Mafia, awaken, who do you want to murder?" the Mafia points to someone, and then goes back to sleep. "Doctor, awaken, who do you want to save?" Doctor points at somone, back to sleep. Then the Narrator says, "Townspeople, awaken!" and everyone awakens. Then the Narrator tells a story that he/she made up on how the person (the one the Mafia pointed to) dies, but if the doctor pointed to the same person as the Mafia wanted to murder, then it is a story on how they got saved. At the end everyone votes on who they think the Mafia or Doctor is.

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I hope you found some good games to play at a camping party. But planning the games is just the first step to a great camping party. To find ideas on camping themed invitations, a cake, party favors, other activities, food and snacks you can go here

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