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ootball is one of the most popular American sports. Every fan wants to have the Jersey's of their favorite players, but just what are the most popular football jersey's of the 2012 Season?

Below are many of the most popular football jerseys for the upcoming seasons. These are the players that are either new to their team or newer in their popularity and will therefore generate lots of revenue and sales because of the unique position they are on on the new teams. If you are a fan of the respective teams, often the most popular teams in football, then you are surely going to want to get one of days new football jerseys are your favorite players

Top Football Player Jerseys 2012
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Peyton Manning Jersey

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A lot of the biggest sellers for jerseys are when a popular player goes to a new team. Peyton Mannin is going to a new team that really loves their football, making Peyton Manning Denver Jerseys easily the most popular jersey on the field.

Manning has done well so far in Denver and there is no reason to think he should not play there for a few more years, perhaps even leading them to a Super Bowl. A Peyton Manning Denver jersey is going to be something that every Peyton Manning fan is going to want as well as every Denver fan. Perhaps the best choice in Jersey is going to be the newest jersey of this future Hall of Famer

Top 2

Tim Tebow Jets Jersey

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IN the football ecosystem Manning is replacing a quarterback who is himself one of the most popular at the position. Mainly becuase of his drive, energy and dediaction, rather than pure skill. This makes the TIm Tebow JETS Jersey one of the most popular of the new jerseys.

Top 3

Andrew Luck Jersey

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Finally we get back to the player who started all this QB team churn. After a season on the DL and a horrible season by the Colts they gain one of the hottest prospects in football, Andrew Luck.

Andrew luck is the quarterback of the future for Indianapolis and is likely to be there for at least 10 or 15 more years his rookie jersey is a surefire hit and the likely collectors item for many years to come

Top 4

Victor Cruz Jersey

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Victor is not changing teams, but he is a sparkling player who is still relatively, "new" coming off a super-bowl win, generating a lot of interest in his Jersey.

A great player on a great team Victor continues to make incredible acrobatic catches and prove his worth to the Giants fans making his shirt and ever better seller

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Hopefully you found some good football jerseys for your flavored player on this page. Make sure to check out all the links and please add your favorite players in the comments at the bottom to share with me your love of your favorite players, I will add players to this list as needed and necessary

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