Best Review - Top 4 Feelings in the Person Betrayed


efore a betrayal emerge couple hundred effervescent feelings that seize the heart of the victim of betrayal.

To name a few are loneliness, surprise, low self-esteem, frustration, grief, sadness, loss of confidence, disbelief, denial, confusion, desire for revenge ... and many others end up not mentioned.

However, all these feelings meet in 3 main to be identified internally to begin to heal and overcome. They are:

THE pain, anger and disappointment

Close your eyes now and think for a moment these 3 feelings: pain, anger and disappointment. Do it slowly, do not hurry or sorrow. If tears come from your eyes, let them run. Mourn is one of the best ways to heal the heart.

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The pain:

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When you have placed your trust in someone and you fail that way, internally in your heart a wound that hurts occurs. Hurts, and unlike a migraine or stomachache no conventional medicine for this pain.

This pain must be fought not pretending it does not exist, ie ignoring or decreasing with other external stimuli to clear. NO, the pain should be treated first internally (expressing what you feel, understanding the causes of infidelity, realizing that the fault is not yours, etc), and so really would begin a healing process and effectively overcome this pain.

CARE!. IF you do not perform this internal process ROOT OF SUCCESS AND PAIN

- The pain will be there, deep in your soul and be like a small and silent infection that will gradually grow in your heart.

- You will become a very suspicious person afraid to go back because you have to feel this pain. Sooner or later that infection will grow and will affect your whole life (family, work, children, family, projects).

- You are afraid of any new interpersonal relationship (not just a couple, ALL) because naturally will reject any possibility of pain they cause a new wound like this you've lived

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Temper, despair, the urge to scream and throw all to hell! (This is a Latin expression meaning "end it all") it is normal to feel. Somehow to believe it is a good thing because it allows you to express all the feelings is inside (it's dangerous not express anything and 'eat' all the feelings that eventually explode and every passing day is worse). But it is also something to learn to manage to not more harmful and counterproductive.

In short, handle well the RAGE means achieving freely express what they feel inside without giving space to violent behavior, revenge or behaviors that affect the physical and emotional self or others involved (partner, children, neighbors, family) integrity


- It is sad and may sound exaggerated to you, but go with the violence, many betrayed wives have physically attack their husbands or lovers, and now not only feel the pain of betrayal, but the weight of the law by mistake committed (and believe us ranging from "small" things such as slaps, fists or throw something, to major acts against life itself).

- Poorly managed blocking RAGE generates thought and behaviors that hurt more deeply than the same infidelity. Derogatory words, insults, aggression, indifference, etc. When you argue with your husband does not let tempers heated, if you see that things are getting stronger, it is best to pause and resume the conversation later.

- 'The mistake of infidelity have to repair it because it is one of the worst mistakes you can make a husband, but avoid at all costs that errors with serious consequences happen because of lack of control and anger that you feel about this type treason. '

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Walking aimlessly, without ideals, listless; having blankly and head down.

Some of the strongest effects of betrayal staying in the emotional field. The wound caused by the betrayal generates a smokescreen around the person betrayed preventing see ahead. It is as if emotionally you will anchor at a fixed point at which you do not have access to see new horizons, projects, contemplate the beauty of your children, recognize your own qualities. None of that can make everything look dark and output.

It is likely to come to you feelings of loneliness, emptiness and not value anything that you are and have. All these ideas and feelings have to block them and replace them with positive thoughts and feelings that you lift your spirits and the will to live.


- If you just go along with the deception, it is likely to fall into one of the most terrible diseases of this time, the Depression. We know many people who are living martyrdom of depression, and we want to help YOU do not get to that.

- Something serious disappointment is transmitted to the whole environment. To your children, at work (many people have to be fired from their jobs because discouragement of disappointment do not perform as they should), also in your own body, you can begin to get sick of many things that you did not have .

You are a valuable person !, also have flaws and things to improve, but we are sure are much higher qualities and wonderful feelings you have. Do not let negative feelings invade you, recognize that you are a child (a) preferred (a) of God, which are worth much, and you're not alone (a) to succeed victorious around this problem you have today.

This reflection today has been very good for you. Read this entire document again and complements this activity with the following exercise:

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Take a sheet of paper and writes

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- Make a list of all the feelings I have today (Read everything you can, have no desire to finish).

- Write a list of things that you are welcome to continue life (your children, work, parents, own projects, faith, yourself, etc). The more specific is what you write, the better.

- Describes a list of personal qualities that have (be kind (to) yourself (a) recognizes that you are smart, sensible, forward-looking, etc)

- Surrender to God through a simple prayer everything you wrote. Search the most suitable for this (a church, nature or alone in your room) instead. Chances are you've ever closer to God in this way, but I say with conviction that approach God at this point in your life is the best decision you can make.

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