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ffects of eating too much for our body: To say that we are full after a meal is not just a metaphor; the effects of eating too much too eat our organismo6555 amount at once, we are delaying our stomach much more than its normal capacity.

As we sat down to eat, our stomach is the size of a tennis ball. So before we start eating we compare the food on the plate and compare the volume with the tennis ball, if it is excessive stomach will expand our exaggerated.

Force the ability of our times repeated stomach, eating too much, not only will it cause us to feel uncomfortable, but over time will seriously damage our salud.Si recognize some of the following symptoms, probably are eating too much at one After Effects overeating to our organismo76

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run out of breath after eating

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Eating lots of it quickly will cause a distended stomach, forcing him to push the lungs and diaphragm Our stomach can triple in size after a big meal, can cause breathing difficulties until our stomach back to normal size.

Top 2 estomago

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Al eat too much at once will make it difficult for the top valve from closing properly our stomach, causing digestive fluids will accrue only to our esophagus and cause reflujo.Esto are going to cause us one great discomfort; if it happens often we end up damaging the delicate tissue around the esophagus.

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Appearance of Nauseas

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Al overeating, food does not go, full, a quick way to the stomach. This can cause us choking sensation in the esophagus as a result of which can suffer these feelings of discomfort and nausea.

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Eat very common alimentario

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Resulta we feel sleepy after a big meal. This happens because the brain chemical, food eat is related to the expenditure of energy is needed to digest food overdose.

The intestiEfectos of overeating to our organismonos and stomach are forced to process and distribute the nutrients they are eating; this is going to cause a great expenditure of energy that will leave the rest of our system without enough energy, so we will fall into a state of slumber.

Sometimes we can not avoid eating too much, especially at family parties or special occasions, but a little common sense can help us overcome and help us avoid the above symptoms

For example if we drink one or two glasses of water before eating, aminoraremos appetite and we will feel satiated faster without experiencing the negative effects mentioned earlier.

And every day, we should do five or six small meals every three to four hours instead of two large meals fill the día.Así achieve avoid the effects of eating too much for our body

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