Best Review - Top 4 Easy Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas


alloween is almost here - already! If you didn't buy a Halloween costume, don't worry. Here are some ideas for easy homemade Halloween costumes you can put together yourself. If you use your imagination and "think outside the box," you'll be able to use these easy costume ideas to come up with a prize-winning costume with things you have around the house - on the cheap!

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Gypsy Costume Ideas

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It's easy to make a homemade gypsy costume. Raid your closet, or your mom's or friend's closet, looking for a full skirt, a colorful blouse, add some jewelry and you're well on your way. These are just a few ideas to get you started. Read on for more ideas that include gypsy wigs, scarves, even tambourines for gypsies who like to make music and dance. How about a crystal ball for a gypsy fortune teller costume? The only limit is your imagination!

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How to Make a Cow Costume

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A homemade cow costume is quick and easy to put together. Start with a white or light-colored sweatshirt and sweatpants, add some black spots for an authentic cow look, a rope tail, and a few more fun accessories to make your costume a sure fire winner. Mooo!

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Hobo Costume Accessories

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It's easy to dress up like a hobo (or old man or old woman) with these homemade costume ideas. The secret to the best hobo costume lies in the use of a few simple accessories. We've also included the one best tip to make your DIY hobo costume a prize-winner - and so much fun! Read on to learn our tried-and-true secret!

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Baby Costume for an Adult

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Now, this fun costume is really a hoot! If it's warm you can use your own skin, but we recommend "baby skin" and we'll fill you in on where to find that. Add a binky, a bib, a blanket, and a bonnet, top it all off with a mask to hide your true identity and you'll have a costume that's the hit of the Halloween party! Read on for more tips and our secret to success for your baby costume.

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These homemade Halloween costume ideas are for men, women, and children, so hopefully you found a suggestion you like and can use. Of course you don't have to limit costumes to Halloween. Dressing up any time of the year is fun for kids, and people have costume parties throughout the year, so hold onto these easy homemade costume ideas for the next time you need to pull together an idea in a hurry.

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Treasures By Brenda's picture

Your costume ideas are great,

Your costume ideas are great, Susan. I really love the cow.

mulberry's picture

I always preferred making my

I always preferred making my own costume anyway...that's half the fun! I think the Gypsy costume would be my choice.

Pam Scape's picture

Perfect! Thanks. I needed a

Perfect! Thanks. I needed a quickie idea and the Gypsy will do.