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ere are the Top Cash Back Sites that will give you free cash back rebates for your online shopping purchases from popular online stores like eBay, JCPenney, Sears, Home Depot, Target, Walmart, Sephora, and thousands more.

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Ebates: Top Cash Back Site

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Ebates Cash Back is one of the Top Cash Back Sites that gives you up to 20% in free cash back rebates for your online shopping purchases. More than 1200 online stores. Free to join, plus they will start your account off with a $5 sign up bonus (valid after your first online shopping purchase). Ebates pays out its cash back rebates on a quarterly basis as long as you have a minimum of $5.01 in cash back available in your account (not including the sign up bonus). Ebates also lists promo codes, deals, and discounts for online shopping.

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Mr Rebates: Top Cash Back Site

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Mr Rebates is a Top Cash Back Site because they simply they have more stores in their program that offer you cash back for online shopping. And I've noticed that the stores generally pay a higher cash back rebate than the other programs. Mr Rebates is also FREE to JOIN, and they will also give you a $5 sign up bonus when you join. Your cash back can be requested as soon as your available rebates reach $10.00. Mr Rebates pay out cash back on a monthly basis (you must request your cash back by clicking a link in your account). Mr Rebates also lists special deals, discounts, and promo codes for their stores.

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Big Crumbs: Top Cash Back Site

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Big Crumbs is a Top Cash Back Site with more than 1000 online shopping stores. They also list special deals and discounts for online shopping, and promo codes for all of their cash back stores. Free to Join.

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eBay Cash Back Suspended - How to STILL get PAID for your ebay purchases

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On June 16, 2011, eBay suspended all its relationships with cash back websites, including Mr Rebates, Ebates, Big Crumbs, Pennyful, Shop at Home, Fat Wallet, and all the others. eBay says they are doing some type of internal testing to determine how best to structure their relationships with cash back websites. They are saying right now that this is only temporary, but we'll see.

In the meantime, there is a way to STILL get PAID for your eBay purchases, and in many cases, get paid MORE than what you were getting before. I've been getting on average 5% back on eBay purchases. Read my webpage for step by step instructions on how to do this.

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Since these Top Cash Back Sites are free to join, sign up for all of them and use whichever sites gives you the most cash back rebate for the store you are shopping at that day. Remember all of these cash back sites run various promotions (Daily, Weekly, or based on Holidays) so the cash back for each store may vary from day to day. So make sure you sign up for all three to get the most cash back.

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Sandy's picture

Also like to recommend

Also like to recommend FatWallet, AAfter Search, and ShopAtHome.

casey's picture

Ebates is fine, although

Ebates is fine, although Pennyful is way better than mrebates and bc!!

azlaird's picture

I don't use Pennyful because

I don't use Pennyful because they don't have some of the main stores I shop at online, so it doesn't work for me. That's the thing about cash back sites, use which ever one gives YOU the most cash back on the stores YOU shop at! :) Sign up for more than one, and compare which one has the most cash back or the best coupon codes for what you are shopping for that day. Remember, each site runs special deals and promotions at different times, so the cash back amount can vary on a daily basis, so always compare first!

shaun's picture

Pennyful actually ads like 10

Pennyful actually ads like 10 new stores every day! any store in particular that you couldn't find on pennyful? I've never actually had that problem, I shop at lots of places, newegg, target, sears, kohls, etc.. hmm.. plus i love their site haha so guess i havent bothered too much!

casey's picture

I know, right?! Pennyful

I know, right?! Pennyful rocks. me a total fan too, got 7 cash back checks already :D

azlaird's picture

I shop a lot at

I shop a lot at and at this time, Pennyful doesn't partner with them.

Zentao01's picture

I will have to check these

I will have to check these out. They certainly sound interesting!

Ravitej's picture

Hello, My name is Ravitej and


My name is Ravitej and I'm the founder and CEO of
@azlaird - great insightful post, I chanced upon this site while surfing the web to make sure Pennyful shoppers across the web are happy!
@casey, shaun - thanks for the support! much appreciated.
@Zentao01 - you really should use a cash back site, it's free extra money! would love the opportunity to welcome you to

Thanks for all the support. Cheers.

azlaird's picture

*** eBay Cash Back suspended

*** eBay Cash Back suspended ***
For any of you who regularly use cash back websites (Ebates, Mr Rebates, Pennyful, Fat Wallet, Big Crumbs, Shop at Home), you have probably heard by now that eBay "temporarily" suspended their cash back relationship with all the cash back websites effective June 16, 2011. They say this is temporary, but who really knows! I have written a page all about it, and how even though the program is cancelled, there is a way to STILL GET PAID for EBAY purchases. In fact, last month I was PAID 5% !!! You can read all about how this works here:

I'm actually getting more money from my eBay purchases now that the ebay cash back program is suspended! Go figure! :)

onegoodman29's picture

It would be great to update

It would be great to update this list with new cash back sites like fatwallet and pandacashback