Best Review - Top 4 Best Ways to Resolve Microsoft OneDrive Common Errors


ne-drive is a cloud-based storage product from Microsoft that allows to store files, share media & folders with colleagues to work together in a collaborative approach. When your computer/ laptop is linked with OneDrive the files could be easily synced. It offers a large space to store files, photos, videos, documents and other items. However, while syncing with PC it shows various errors.
If the settings of OneDrive are not properly set and it is not updated then it may show error messages. If someone is familiar with Google Drive then One-drive is like same except it is available for iOS. If you have set up OneDrive with your computer and encountered any error then fix it with easy techniques. Check out some easy workarounds to solve OneDrive error.

Troubleshoot Error in One Drive
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Uploaded Files show Wrong Date

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Many users complain when they upload files in OneDrive it shows wrong date, however this problem can happen only with photos/ pictures. The pictures contains the information on the time they are taken. Show if files uploaded on different date, it will still show the date on which they were taken

Solution: Keep Files on PC

An easy fix to this problem is keep the files on your PC. Right click on file or folder in which they are stored and select ‘Always keep on this device’. This will show date on which files are uploaded to OneDrive

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Error Message Syncing Different Account

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While uploading files to OneDrive if it shows error message ‘You are syncing a different account’ then it means the user has changed Microsoft Account Password. To solve this change credentials settings
Go to Start and type credentials in search bar
Click on the Credentials Manager
Select Windows credentials tab
Under Generic Credentials tab, check OneDrive Cached Credentials and remove them
Restart OneDrive to check error is fixed or not

Top 3

Can’t Upload Files to

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This error showed up when user tries to upload large files online. Large files become difficult to upload on So it is better to upload these files on OneDrive desktop app which later get synchronized with

Top 4

OneDrive get Stuck at Processing Changes

When OneDrive gets updated and user sign in to windows, the explorer exit and restarts making OneDrive to stuck at processing changes. To fix this error marked the file as ‘Always available’. This will not cause error if OneDrive is updated.

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Thus users can adopt these easy methods to fix common errors in OneDrive. These methods are effective in resolving One Drive error.

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