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ver the last year I have signed up for many contests, many FREE sites and I have put together a small list of my favorites for you. Most of the sites I went to didn't give you a thing. But the sites I have posted here will and do give you things for free. I have recieved something from each of these four sites. Two of those are for anyone to use, the third is for people with blogs. The forth is a blog.

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House Party

Best ads 0 is a site that companies give products to. These companies are typicaly looking for market feedback and want you to have a party with the products they give you. So basically, You apply for the parties and if you meet their criteria they will let you have the party. They send you a box of free stuff to have a party with. After the party you fill out a survey and send in pictures. It took me about 2 months of applying to get my first party then I got another then another. It seems they wait a period of time before they actually give you your first, so stay with it. I have personally had four parties so far.

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Bzz Agent

Best Review 9342 is a similar site to the house party site. The big difference is they do not always expect you to throw a party or share with your friends. You apply for membership, fill out a bunch of surveys, then when a company matches up with you, you can apply to get free products. If you get it before they run out, you get free products that are new on the market (and get to try them before all of your friends).

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This is a website for bloggers. If they except you then they give you a list of comanies that are looking for bloggers to review their products. You send e-mails to these companies and if they have product available they will send you product for free. When you get the product, you do a review on your blog of the product. Make sure you disclose in your review that you got the product for free. It is not legal to not disclose you had a personal gain. It can get you and the company in trouble if you don't. My first free product was an anti-aging face cream that retails for over $50.

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Best ads 2 is a blog for reviews and giveaways. They give away extra products they get when they do a review, and a few they didn't.

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So there you have it, my top 4 favorite sites to get free stuff. So go get yourself some free stuff. Don't forget it may take a little time of applying to start getting things for free but you ACTUALLY do get things for free.

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