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he Microstock industry is becoming a large and established way to make money from your photographs. Almost anyone with a bit os skill can get their photos listed on the site and benefit from potentially thousands of purchasers who may want to buy their photographs. There are a lot of sites available and you need to know a bit about them before you start submitting away. Each image is reviewed and, for this reason, there are some sites which are better than others for someone starting out in Microstock. Here is my list of the top 4 microstock sites for someone starting out in Microstock (or anyone else of course!)

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Graphic Leftovers

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really quick and simple, one of the less fully agencies and also a good payout ratio.

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This is a high selling site, but it is difficult to get accepted as a photographer on it. You first need to submit 10 images, of which 7 need to pass. this is not necessarily easy!

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This is another good site for beginners, quick review and relatively good level of sales

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Yay Micro

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Easy site, but sales and image views seem to be quite slow to me. Still, it pays to get in on newer sites, you never know which ones is about to take off!

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kyriana's picture

This is a very helpful topic.

This is a very helpful topic. I've started taking a lot of my own pictures for the articles I'm writing so they are more genuine and I hadn't really thought if trying to sell the photos themselves. Great information! Thanks for sharing.

Karen Milan's picture

I think you should include

I think you should include this site. I made @ $1,600 just by selling my photos there. Hope you will also have the same experience as me. Enjoy! :)