Best Review - Top 4 Best Basketball Shoe and Basketball Related Interests of 2013


he basketball season is in full swing and along with it comes new styles, trends, brand names and must haves basketball shoes!

I have a friend who changes his basketball shoes as many times as the seasons change, well we all know you have to keep up with the latest styles and trends!

This is not the first year I have created a lens about the purchase of those so expensive shoes and do wonder at times if they are really worth the money we pay for them. it seems that when a professional basketball player has a few good games that he brings out his own brand of shoes and attire, as if we are not charged enough for attending and to keep our kids up to date with the latest styles and trends that are sported on court.
Although it appears that I have a good insight into the basketball world off clothing and shoes, I have certainly still got a lot to learn and would appreciate any views, comments, discussions and ideas in order to broaden my horizon, have a few throws at me and lets see what lands in the hoop!

The Best Basketball Shoes for 2013
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The best Basketball Shoes 2013

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Looking at the Best Basketball shoes that are on offer for 2013 as well as the top basketball players attire and much more information into the world of basketball

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Best Basketball Shoes of 2012

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2012 Basketball season has ended however, the kickers for that year are still going strong even although many new ones have come onto the market, my feedback is that sales of 2012 basketball shoes, even although we are into the 2013 season, are still in full swing, it's interesting to see how many sales my 2012 lens still makes as opposed to my 2013 lens, whether the prices scares people away or the style of those which have reached the market, it's a constant eye opener and amazes me the length people will go for trendiness looks on the court,I would be interested in hearing from those who are basketball related.

Top 3

Air Jordan XX8 Shoes

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Many consider Jordan as one of the best Basketball players of all time, undoubtedly he is certainly a master of basketball in his own right, unfortunately we are all now wondering when he will retire now that he has reached the ripe old age of 50 years. As expected every year Jordan releases basketball shoes of which his latest is the Jordan XX8. They are his 28th pair of kickers released and cost an absolute fortune, but parents and basketball fans continue to pay these high prices for a top kicker, lets face it, it's not really what teh shoe can do for you, it's really all about brand names, styles and keeping up with the ever increasing court trends. Some great new technology out there in many shoes and I would love to hear your feedback and thoughts on the subject. The lens I have enclosed here is a related topic on my above two lenses, and a good overall topic at that! What say's you?

Top 4

Experience Buick - Shaquille O'Neal LaCrosse

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A Shaquille Buick Commercial - Come on, are they really trying to convince us that Shaquille gets the full size luxury when driving this car, check the seat out, look where his knees are up to, even if there is a little give until feet touch pedals I am not totally convinced that this is the car for a guy the size such as Shaquille, what say you?

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