Best Review - Top 4 Best Audio and Gaming Accessories For 2018


his group of articles will allow you to discover your ideal fit for audio and gaming accessories including gaming monitors, headsets, soundbars and headphones. Three of the articles in this grouping are designed for budget-friendly shopping whereas the bass headphones guide does include higher priced models although we still include a budget choice for those who don't want to break the bank.

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Q&A: What Is The Best Soundbar Under 100 Dollars?

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Geared towards budget consumers who are looking for a decent soundbar, this article will introduce seven cheap models and compare them. Ultimately, we have chosen a winner, runner-up, budget choice and 2.1 channel recommendations to help consumers better understand the ideal soundbar for them.

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Q&A: What Are The Best Bass Headphones?

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While audiophiles love a clean, neutral sound signature, many consumers want a pair of headphones with rocking bass even if it is a bit exaggerated. Due to this, we wrote up a detailed guide recommending 7 models that offer excellent deep bass performance ranging from a cheap $80 model all the way up to a $200 model.

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Q&A: What Is The Best Gaming Monitor Under $150

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Similar to our previous two guides mentioned in this collection, this one in particular focuses on gaming monitors for budget consumers. With a maximum price-point of $150, we scoured the web and did the research of the current market to discover 7 affordable gaming display options and give you the run down on which are the best bang for your buck overall.

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